Is this all your own original work on this site?


Generally, yes, you're looking at my own original work, typically in my playroom. However, there are a few exceptions, such as:

Story Saturdays: Although I typically write the stories, they are fiction. Even though the stories themselves are fictional, I still add pics of my work to each chapter that go with the storyline. I may occasionally have someone write a story if they'd like to. For example, A Coach's Persuasive Motivation was written by my boy.

Video Fridays: Typical Video Friday posts contain video clips that I have access to, which were produced by a popular kinky gay porn company. This should be obvious when viewing these videos as they typically have their logo on the video.

Occasionally there may be other exceptions, such as when I have a post all planned out and for whatever reason I don't have the opportunity to try out an idea on one of my subs, and I end up having to search for a suitable photo on the internet as a result.


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