Would you be willing to play with an out of town visitor?


I always like to get to know someone better before playing with him. The walk in the door, shake hands, "Let's fuck" routine, just doesn't work for me. ;-)

That being said, I understand this can be difficult with someone traveling who doesn't make it to the area very often. I have made exceptions in cases like this, providing the guy is willing to get to know each other better first. That means not just sitting behind a chat window, but also chatting on the phone at least once or twice before your arrival to the area. Some guys misinterpret this and wait until the last minute to call, then they want to meet 20 minutes later. Again, I like to know someone better before playing, and that just doesn't have that feel. As was said on a commercial a while back, the best things come to those who wait. The more I know someone, the more I know what makes them tick. The more I know what their true limits are, not just what they think they're. The more I know on whether or not they're likely to panic when trying certain things that they always wanted to try, such as e-stim. Knowing all of these things and more allows me to better adjust for them so that we both have a great time. I want you to enjoy your time here, not to run away hating it because we rushed into it and wishing we would have taken more time to know each other and make it better.

Trust me, it's always better when it's not rushed into, even if that means we just hang out, watch TV, and chat the first time you're here. You may think that sounds like a waste of time and like you're missing out on the action you wanted. But the next time it will probably be more than twice as much fun as it would have been.

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