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It turned out that the majority of the team wanted a blow job from the newly anointed team slave. I only managed to make three of them cum in the allotted time so by the time the last of them left the change room I was exhausted, my mouth dry from licking the pile of jocks, my throat sore from having serviced so many men and my knees aching from being on the hard tiles for so long. I was so tired I didn’t even notice Brian sitting on the benches behind me until he cleared his throat. I turned around and, too worn and too humiliated to do anything else, padded over to his outstretched hands. He drew my head into his crotch and slowly scratched the back of my head behind my ears.


Tags: Chastity, Coach, Humiliation, Jocks, Story


I tried again, “Please Sir, may I lick your sweaty jock clean?”

“I think you’ve almost got it. You look pretty humiliated, what you’re saying shows it, but there’s something missing.” He adjusted his underwear that was around my neck. “I went for a 4 km run in these, each of 3 days this week. I was saving them for just such an occasion.” He pulled them up and wrapped them around my face, making sure to tuck part of them deep in my mouth, the part of them where his dick and balls were sweating heavily throughout his 4 km runs. Then he removed the handcuffs. “Now try one more time.”

I couldn’t believe he was making me go so far. But I knew it would only get more humiliating if I didn’t go all the way. So I sat up higher on my knees, but my hands up as if they were a puppy’s paws, and

“Pheeze hir ay I ick your hweaty ock keen?”


Tags: Chastity, Coach, Gagged, Humiliation, Jocks, Story

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