Original Videos

I occasionally get requests from followers/members who want to see the session video behind the GIFs that they see on this site. Well now you can! As always, I welcome feedback, and it's good to know what videos you like more than others so I can make more based on your favorites. If you have a request for a type of video that you don't see here, feel free to use the Contact form to let me know.

Blog Posts

Just like any blog, you'll find typical blog posts here...with a kinky twist, of course. Blogs posts are simple posts with one or more pics and a (usually short) description.

Tutorial Tuesday

Are you new to kink, or just stuck in a rut and things are getting kind of boring in the playroom? Then Tutorials Tuesdays are for you! They'll help you with a variety of things from building new, discrete gear for your playroom, to finding many more creative uses for gear that you already own. In some cases, traditional kinky gear isn't even needed. A creative mind can put ordinary household items to good use in ways you may have never imagined. Don't have a creative mind? Well now you have Tutorial Tuesdays to help!

Video Friday

You'll find plenty of hot kinky videos here. Some are clips from popular sites such as Boynapped or MyFriendsFeet, but not just 30 second teasers...these are extended scene clips, usually running between 5-10 minutes per clip. Others may be free previews of exclusive session videos that I've created with Gboy or Michboy, often with additional pics from the video available here. New posts are released at the best time too, on Fridays...the perfect day at the end of your week to kick back and watch some good, hot porn!

Story Saturday

Tired of seeing the same porn pics on the internet and trying to imagine what might be going on in them? How about a hot story instead? Even better, a kinky story that's illustrated with pics, not just pics found on the internet, but pics of my own original work. Take some time on your weekend to catch up on your favorite story. And if you don't make it through to the end of the story (because you've reached the "finish line" sooner than you thought, haha), just come back another day and pick up where you left off. Now that's easier than ever with much better access to stories and chapter organization.

Interactive Kinky Games

This is a new feature that I'm currently testing out. So I threw a few kinky games together to see what people think of them. So far and to my surprise, I've received some great feedback on them from kinksters who really liked them. But I'm always interested in hearing what you like most, so I can focus on producing more of that type of content in the future.