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Gay Stocks Chastity EdgingProbably about thirty minutes - at that point the begging would begin, then being reminded of the conditions.
Posted by MotoMike 06/18/2019 - 08:49
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Gay Stocks Chastity EdgingFor me it will be around the 2nd cumming as this situation will, for sure make me cum within the original first hours.
Posted by tomt 06/17/2019 - 21:01
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Gay Bondage Chastity Slow EdgingI like that idea of "double or nothing" ... or, in this case "double or cum", or something like that... more possibility of relief but more possibility of longer denial penalty. Hard to think straight with that wonderful feather duster going back and forth at random.
Posted by MotoMike 06/02/2019 - 16:11
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Gay Bondage Chastity Slow EdgingI love my cock being tortured but not allowed to cum when it's unlocked and I can't do anything about it
Posted by IamAllTiedUp 05/29/2019 - 21:19
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Gay Bondage Chastity Slow EdgingYou should make it a win-lost scenario. Cum but be lock back for a new month, do not cum but be teased for 1 more hours and the lock back for 1 weeks but if he cum during the hours, ruined orgasm, milking and lock back for 2 months. :-)
Posted by tomt 05/29/2019 - 20:27
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Click on the pics below to enlarge them

Locked in Stocks Low to Floor
  • Locked in Stocks Low to Floor
  • Locked in Stocks Low to Floor
  • Locked in Stocks Standing
  • Locked in Stocks Standing Shoe Gagged
  1. Pics 1 and 2: Boy on knees with head and hands locked in the stocks very low to the ground. Lock the boy’s feet in stocks behind him. Then add some quick release straps to further restrict his movement. Strap one around back and biceps, and another around thighs and legs. Keep him there for one hour.  (Pro: Neck isn’t stuck bending forward. Con: Everything else is pretty tight and cramped, and if the boy is ticklish, even his feet are vulnerable behind him.)
  2. Pic 3: Stand boy up and lock him in the stocks.  Head locked in. Hands locked in at the widest point possible. Feet spread fairly wide and locked in. Dick and balls locked in the cock stocks. Keep him there for one hour. (Pro: Boy has some range of motion possible, more than #1. Con: Neck is forced to bend forward, can’t prevent that by stepping back since dick/balls are locked in.)
  3. Pic 4: Same as pic 3, but add a sneaker tied over the boy’s mouth and nose.  Keep him there for 45 minutes (the sneaker gag gets him out 15 minutes early which he may value very much at that point). (Pro: Bonus release 15 minutes early. Con: Sneaker-gagged for 45 minutes, or maybe that’s a Pro for some subs?)

Doms: Which would you prefer to lock your subs in? Would you make your sub do anything to get released, or maybe for early release?

Subs: IF your Dom gave you a choice, which would you choose to be locked in, and why?

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tomt on May 21, 2019 22:53

i will love to test #1/2. They are good for the neck and it a part of my body that i have issue with. It that was not the case I will hesitate a lot between #1-2 and #4.
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Dsommer on May 21, 2019 23:01

If I was given the choice I'd pick #3 but ask for no early release (Full hour). I want to show my Dom I can do as he says and don't need early release for the privilage of smelling his shoe.
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tomt on May 21, 2019 23:14

but having the opportunity to smell then will still be good no ? So #4 without the credit ?
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NoBlueBalls on May 22, 2019 08:17

I'd be happy with #1, provided I had a plug or dildo inserted in my ass.
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