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Gay Bondage Correctional CenterAlthough I would try profusely to hold out I probably wouldn’t last long. My feet are incredibly ticklish and their ticklishness is heighten by bastinado. I might beg, scream and even cry to have the onslaught stop but if confessing was the only way - I am sure I would cave after a valiant fight.
Posted by Crimson617 02/23/2022 - 23:57
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Dildo Predicament ChallengeHmm, nice devious idea. Sounds like a fitting punishment...for a pretty severe infraction. *evil grin*
Posted by Admin 10/04/2021 - 19:14
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Dildo Predicament ChallengeMaster had me build a stool similar to yours, although the dildo is simply mounted on the seat. When riding it we use the tit clamp option - the clamps are tied to the ratchet handle.
Posted by boimonzon 10/03/2021 - 18:00
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Deepthroat Training PredicamentI had actually forgotten that I only posted the first part of this session on Clips4sale, since that was around the time I started putting videos on Xtube. Hopefully you liked the first part. I'll try to get around to putting the second part up as soon as I can.
Posted by Admin 09/26/2021 - 00:22
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Deepthroat Training PredicamentHey! Haven't seen your comments here in a while, good to hear from you. Yeah, I know I've been a bit "off the grid" lately as far as updating this site. I've been working on an overhaul of the site separately.
Posted by Admin 09/26/2021 - 00:20
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Click on the pics below to enlarge them, and to animate any GIFs

Halloween 2019 Chairor of Terror ride
  • Halloween 2019 Chairor of Terror ride
  • Bondage Chair Vibrating Wand
  • Bondage Chair Estim
  • Bondage Chair Estim
  • Bondage Chair Estim
  • Bondage Chair Estim
  • Bondage Chair Estim Fucking Machine

Happy Kinky Halloween!

And what better way to celebrate a kinky Halloween than with a ride on the Chairor of Terror? More specifically...Phase 4, where yet another devious device gets turned on. At this point, it all starts coming evil plans in action (insert sinister Halloween laugh here). ;-)

So to recap on the various implements that were all part of this Chairor of Terror session so far...

Phase 1: My German sub was strapped in at 14 different bondage points, the fucking machine beneath him was turned on, and it immediately started violating his vulnerable hole through the hole in the bondage stool. With the machine invading his ass relentlessly, he saw no end in sight.

Phase 2: As the fucking machine was turned up higher, he fully realized the purpose of the spiked mat under his thwart his futile efforts to push his ass up off the bondage stool and get just a little bit of relief from the merciless dildo, driven into his ass by the fucking machine that never get tired.

Phase 3: I added my incredibly powerful, remotely controllable vibrating wand, with an even more intense attachment lined with all of its diabolical little nubs...then of course, wrapped that part around his sensitive cock and turned it on.

And now...

Phase 4: I turned on the Abox, a sound activated electro/e-stim box that I had previously wired to a silicone cock ring around his cock and balls. The box was strategically placed very close to his mouth, so every little sound he makes would translate into his cock and balls being shocked. Not only that, but even the fucking machine and vibrating wand caused the box to react a bit...and of course, that caused my sub to react. Then when he moans, his cock and balls only feel more electro stimulation as a result. It's a lose-lose predicament for him! (Or, is it a win-win? I suppose it depends on how you look at it, haha.)

Subs: So if you were in this predicament at this point, would you consider it a lose-lose situation? Or a win-win? Would you try to remain quiet, or make some noise to see what the electro box does to your incredibly vulnerable cock and balls? Add a comment below to let us know (must be logged in first).


Bondagebuddy2 on November 02, 2019 08:10

I would probably alternate trying to remain quiet with making sounds to "test" the equipment.
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zerotsm on November 22, 2019 23:47

Like Bondagebuddy2, I would carefully make noises and see how sensitive the device is.
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