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Gay Bondage Kinky GameYou guys are getting much closer! Especially cbr998. Not to mention, giving me some great ideas to use on my subs in the future whenever game time comes around. <evil grin!>
Posted by Admin 01/19/2020 - 15:19
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Gay Bondage Kinky GameWell, if he lands on one of your properties the electro would come in handy, landing on a Go To Jail might get even more. Perhaps length of time on the "on" button depending on what score he throws might get him to blow on the dice:)
Posted by cbr998 01/19/2020 - 14:06
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Gay Bondage Kinky GameGood catch! Yep, that's definitely related to what's going on there. What would you kinksters do with a game like that, and all of the gear you see in the pic?
Posted by Admin 01/19/2020 - 12:37
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Gay Bondage Kinky GameI’m guessing it has something to do with the monopoly box in the background...
Posted by FriendlyNerd 01/19/2020 - 11:17
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Gay Bondage Kinky GameYes, my sub was facing a few challenges which sort of compounded each other. HINT: Don't just look at what's front and center in the pic, but also look in the background and around the edges...
Posted by Admin 01/18/2020 - 19:21
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Click on the pics below to enlarge them, and to animate any GIFs

Chastity Wooden Horse Edging Predicament
  • Chastity Wooden Horse Edging Predicament
  • Chastity Wooden Horse Edging Predicament
  • Chastity Wooden Horse Edging Predicament
  • Barefoot Spiked Mat Predicament
  • Chastity Wooden Horse Edging Barefoot Spiked Mat Predicament

Picking up from the last post (part 1)…

I had hushpuppy1980 cuffed to the bondage wall, his dick locked in the Electro Lockdown Chastity Cage, and straddling the wooden horse.  Oh, and we can’t forget that he was more than 9 days in since he last got off…9 full days since I had locked his dick in chastity, and he was supervised at any point since that time when it was unlocked.

Hmm, what to do with a boy who hasn’t gotten off in over 9 days, with a cock that’s desperate for attention?  Give it some attention!  So I got out the variable speed Super Charged Thunderstick Power Wand.  They don’t call this thing super charged for nothing!  I can set the intensity anywhere from agonizingly slow (agonizing because the boy wants to cum sooo bad, and he knows he never will at this speed), to “OMG I’m gonna cum!”…when he knows he’s not allowed to without my permission.  I used a rubber band to attach the vibrating wand to the chastity cage and let the boy stew for a while like that.  You can see the effect that had on his cock in the photos here.

But I know he didn’t really want to cum.  As much as he wanted to cum, at the same time, he didn’t want to cum…because he knew if he did, he’d be in serious trouble.  A ruined orgasm?  Some intense cockhead polishing immediately after he shot?  Keeping the wand attached and turning up the intensity for a while, post-orgasm?  Those are all possibilities if a boy cums without my permission.  So as much as he wanted it, desperately needed it, he knew better.

But like I’ve said before, I can be nice.  I don’t want the boy to get himself into that much trouble, I really don’t.  So I decided to “help” him out a bit.  I removed that last layer of mats that he was standing on to reveal the upside down carpet protector that I had hidden underneath the mats.  Yep, tons of little rubber spikes facing up, right into the bottoms of his bare feet.  Maybe this will take your mind off of how badly you want to cum, boy?

Now he had to make a decision…as he squirmed around looking for alternative options.  Straddle the wooden horse while standing on the spiked mat?  Maybe going up on his toes so he didn’t put his full weight on the wooden horse…but at the same time, putting more weight on one part of his feet?  Or, choose a much wider (and less comfortable) stance, avoid the spiked mat all together, but in turn lower himself further down onto the wooden horse?  Maybe move back and forth, when one position becomes too tough to handle any longer, switch to the other?  There’s no win-win position in this one.  He has to take it one way or another, all while his cock is kept on the edge without allowing that sweet release that it so desperately desires.