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Nice, and nice addition of the collar connected to the top of the spreader bar. And just how long did you last in that one, and how did you end up getting out of it? Was it an interrogation or similar type of challenge, or more of just a safe word and you were let out...that kind of thing?

Posted by Admin 06/19/2022 - 18:19
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Chastity sub Bound to Cage Vibrating WandAgain, boy cannot realize how lucky he is. Thanks for sharing
Posted by Bondagebuddy2 06/19/2022 - 16:59
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Lucky, lucky slave

Posted by Bondagebuddy2 06/19/2022 - 16:56
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Have been in that last position. It looks quite simple but is as tough as hell after just a short time. Collar connected to the top of the spreader too, just for extra sport....

Posted by cbr998 06/19/2022 - 14:58
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To please the coach is all that matters. To be in chastity ans edged would be ecstacy.

Posted by footsoldier 06/19/2022 - 12:39
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Click on the pics below to enlarge them, and to animate any GIFs

Jail Cell Gloryhole Edging
  • Jail Cell Gloryhole Edging
  • Jail Cell Gloryhole Chastity
  • Jail Cell Gloryhole Chastity Cage
  • Jail Cell Gloryhole Edging Teasing
  • Jail Cell Gloryhole Cockhead Polishing

Gboy was caught trying to jerk off in his chastity cage. As punishment, he was locked in a jail cell with his hands cuffed above his head and his caged dick and balls pulled through a glory hole, then he was strapped in so he couldn’t pull his dick and balls back. He was left there for a few hours to think about what he'd done, wondering what, if anything, would happen to his vulnerable, caged cock on the other side of the wall. Then since he wanted his cock played with so much...I removed the chastity cage and he is edged and cockhead polished relentlessly with my gloved hand!

This post includes 5 animated GIFs. To see these (and any GIFs on this site), go into the full post, then click on any of the pics to enlarge them…and they will animate. You can click “stop slideshow” at the top for longer animations, so you don’t miss any of the hot action. ;-)

(Note: These are special extended animations that I created just for Bondage Predicaments members…so they may take slightly longer to load.)

If you’d like to see the video of this session, it was just released today, and you can find it here.

Subs: How would you feel if you were locked in a jail cell like this, with your vulnerable cock on the other side of the wall, unable to pull it back through the hole?

Doms: Any other ideas on what you’d do to your sub if you had him in this predicament?

Add your comments below with your thoughts.


tomt on July 13, 2019 18:33

As a sub this is a position I will find restrictive and very interesting:-) The total list of control plus the relentless polishing are big plus !
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sub_boi on March 17, 2020 01:21

honestly, if i were edged or kept in chastity long enough, i wouldn't even worry about trying to pull my cock back in - i'd be shoving it out toward whatever was rubbing against it lol
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Admin on March 17, 2020 13:52

Haha, you say that now...but just think of how much more sensitive your cock would be in that situation. You just might be trying to pull back...but you'd be unable to in this one. <evil grin!>
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cbr998 on March 17, 2020 10:35

As it's a punishment I think he deserves to have felt something on your gloves as you massaged his cock. Anything that gives a reasonable "glow" similar to the athletic rubs you use on sore muscles. Then after a loooong hot teasing he could be given a bit of post orgasm vibrator, just to let him realise the error of his ways.... .
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Admin on March 17, 2020 13:54

Nice idea. Pretty sure he's learn the error of his ways after that. It sounds "hot", figuratively AND literally! ;-)
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suitedmike on March 18, 2020 01:59

definitely agree that the post-orgasm torture should be long and relentless, a fitting punishment for a guy who has disobeyed orders and tried to jack off. Maybe keep him there until he cums again, but frustratingly only jacking him until he is close.
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