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Gay Bondage Kinky GameYou guys are getting much closer! Especially cbr998. Not to mention, giving me some great ideas to use on my subs in the future whenever game time comes around. <evil grin!>
Posted by Admin 01/19/2020 - 15:19
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Gay Bondage Kinky GameWell, if he lands on one of your properties the electro would come in handy, landing on a Go To Jail might get even more. Perhaps length of time on the "on" button depending on what score he throws might get him to blow on the dice:)
Posted by cbr998 01/19/2020 - 14:06
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Gay Bondage Kinky GameGood catch! Yep, that's definitely related to what's going on there. What would you kinksters do with a game like that, and all of the gear you see in the pic?
Posted by Admin 01/19/2020 - 12:37
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Gay Bondage Kinky GameI’m guessing it has something to do with the monopoly box in the background...
Posted by FriendlyNerd 01/19/2020 - 11:17
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Gay Bondage Kinky GameYes, my sub was facing a few challenges which sort of compounded each other. HINT: Don't just look at what's front and center in the pic, but also look in the background and around the edges...
Posted by Admin 01/18/2020 - 19:21
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Bondage Sub Gagged Milked
  • Bondage Sub Gagged Milked
  • Bondage Sub Gagged Milked
  • Bondage Sub Milked Foot Rest
  • Bondage Sub Milked Nipple Play

This post contains ALL animated see the hot GIFs in action, click on the pics to enlarge them or to play a slideshow, then use the slideshow controls at the top to pause/resume.

I have a few subs who can be pretty difficult to get off. Some subs play without getting off, then jerk off later thinking about the session (often for several days in a row!). This is one of those subs. We’ve played many times in the past, but he’s never gotten off during a session…until recently. The bondage table was the first exception, and I wanted to keep that streak going. This was his very next session after that one. After surprising him with a little prison roleplay scenario (which I may post at a later date), I decided to mercilessly milk his cock.

There’s one thing about the milking machine…it almost always wins, even on the most resistant cocks! <grin>

I cuffed his hands behind his back with some locking leather cuffs and a long chain between them so he could lay on his back fairly comfortably. After all, I didn’t want anything pulling his attention away from his sensitive cock head being milked and polished by the machine. I gagged him with an open-mouth gag, and locked it on from behind his head. Then I tied his balls and cranked them up a bit using a winch. This would ensure he can’t move much, and he certainly couldn’t roll over. If he tried, his balls were not coming with him. ;) Then I turned the Milking Machine on, and put it on a REEEAAALLY SLOOOW setting.

Once I got him to the point where he could easily feel the power of the machine and the power I had with the controls in my hand, I turned the dial up a bit.

I turned the dial up a little more and let the milking machine do what it does best, while I kicked back with my feet up on his chest.

He started breathing more heavily. He was beginning to realize that his resistant cock was no match for the machine. I removed the gag to make sure he was ok. Eventually I turned the milker up more, then started rubbing one of his sensitive nipples. This sent his mind into overdrive, as you can see from his even heavier breathing and the expression on his face.

It wasn’t long after that when the boy shot a huge load into the milking tube. But did I stop the machine? Hell no. He was supposed to tell me BEFORE he was about to cum, while he could still prevent himself from shooting. He did not, so he got punished with some post-orgasm torment. I cranked the milking machine up to it’s highest setting and watched him squirm for a few minutes. When I turned it off, he was incredibly thankful, realizing I could have easily let it milk another load out of his cock. ;)

This milking machine is incredibly hot! It will milk a load out of even the most resistant cocks…once, or multiple times if you keep it going. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, this Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine is currently available (as of the time of this post) for 33% off of the regular price.  You can get another 10% off of this milking machine, or anything else on the kinky site linked above, using a Bondage Predicaments exclusive member discount code, by entering code bndp at checkout.