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Caged Bondage sub
  • Caged Bondage sub
  • Caged Bondage sub
  • Caged Bondage sub
  • Caged Bondage sub

Sir:  “One of my rules was not to stand up.  Did you understand the rules, boy?”

Boy:  “Yes Sir.”

Sir:  “Then why did you stand up boy?”

Boy:  “I screwed up, and I deserve to be punished, Sir.”

Sir:  “Ok boy, I’m going to punish you. But because you admitted what you did wrong and asked to be punished, I’m going to make the punishment fit the crime so you learn something from it and don’t repeat this in the future.”

[after getting everything setup]

Sir:  “I’ve locked you in the cage so you learn to be on the floor for a while without standing up.  Obviously you can’t stand up in the cage, but I’ve added a few other things to help train you as well.  The leather wrists cuffs which are handcuffed to the top of the cage will force you to remain bent over and prevent any part of your upper body from being vertical.  Hopefully this will ingrain into your head that sometimes a boy needs to remain on the floor.  The leather ankle cuffs are clipped to the back of the cage, preventing you from moving around in the cage and keeping your ass exposed and right at the cage door, just in case I decide to use that to my advantage. Be a good boy and remain nice and quiet, and I’ll get you out of there before long. Or, if you’re not a good boy, I could tack on another training course in dildonics.  After all, that ass is in such a convenient position for it.”