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Jail Cell Gloryhole EdgingAs a sub this is a position I will find restrictive and very interesting:-) The total list of control plus the relentless polishing are big plus !
Posted by tomt 07/13/2019 - 18:33
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Gay Bondage Leashed Sub in Leather Chest HarnessVery hot leather, needs some around his cock
Posted by M m peal 07/05/2019 - 00:20
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Sub Stretched on Rack GaggedFinally we know what "Balls to the wall" means!
Posted by MotoMike 07/04/2019 - 19:40
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Gay Bondage Sub Cuffed Balls to Wallit a amazing journey, i don’t know if i can be able to do the same as gboy did but im sure i will love the opportunity ;-)
Posted by tomt 06/30/2019 - 18:33
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Sub Stretched on Rack GaggedThanks for the continuation and to ensure his hand are good to continues. I hope he learn to wait next time ;-)
Posted by tomt 06/30/2019 - 00:05
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Wooden Horse Cock Teasing
  • Wooden Horse Cock Teasing
  • Wooden Horse Cock Teasing
  • Wooden Horse Cock Teasing

After being cuffed to the bondage wall and teased for a while, this boy REALLY wanted to get off.  So I told him I would give him a chance to get himself off.  I didn’t say I’d make it easy!  <evil grin!>

So I had him straddling the wooden horse, his feet spread wide which only lowered him further down onto that wooden edge, and his hands were still cuffed up high.  He was basically in a standing spreadeagle position.  I put a collar on him, hooked a carabiner clip to that, then rigged my vibrating Thunderstick Power Wand so it was dangling literally millimeters above his cock.

“Ok boy, you wanted to get off so bad and I told you I’d give you a chance to get yourself off.  Here’s your chance.”

He seemed a bit confused, struggling and realizing his hands were still cuffed and there was absolutely no way he could use them.

I went over and flipped a switch on the wall, and the wand started vibrating.  It was oh-so-close to his cock that was just BEGGING to cum.  Sooo close, but not close enough.

“You have the ability to control that wand boy.  Figure it out.”

As he squirmed a bit more, the vibrating wand brushed against his cock.  He then realized what I was talking about.  Like I said, I wasn’t going to make it easy, but I was giving him an opportunity to get himself off if he tilted his head down and was able to keep that wand under control.

It was an entertaining show to say the least.  He would get himself rock hard and look like he was getting really close, then the wand would slip off his cock, or start swinging.  You can see in that last pic above that it swung to the right a bit, just enough to kill things if he was really close or give himself a ruined orgasm if he’s not careful.  I’ll admit that a few times when I thought he was getting too close too soon, I flipped the wall switch to make the wand stop instantly.  SOOO CLOSE!  I could almost see the begging in his eyes, even with the blindfold on!  ;-)

How long was I going to keep this game going for?  This boy wanted to cum so bad!  How much longer could he take this for?