What type of guys do you generally like to play with?


I generally play with my regular subs and kinky friends that I've known and played with for years. It just makes a lot more sense since I know them, I know they're reliable and not flakey, and I know they're going to show up when we plan something and not give me just a day or two notice...and that all allows me to plan much hotter sessions and sometimes even build something new for the playroom in time for their visit.

That being said, I sometimes make an exception with someone new, providing the guy is willing to get to know each other better first...but that doesn't mean just chatting for 5 minutes online, or making an exception for a total stranger who is "in town for the night and wanting to play". That includes online chat, talking over the phone before even thinking about planning to meet, and usually hanging out/meeting for lunch or dinner sometime with no plans to play that day. Then if we both still mutually want to play, we can take it from there.

A few ways to ensure we will NOT play anytime soon (or ever):

  • You need to be drunk or high to have fun (or if either of these happen while you play).
  • You're ultimately looking to get fucked, and anything else is just a means of getting there.
  • Half of your messages consist of one word, like "Sup?".
  • It takes you days/weeks to have a 5 minute chat conversation (sending 1-2 messages per day/week, then leaving suddenly)
  • You regularly leave chat conversations suddenly without warning (it's super easy to maintain common courtesy...just say, "Hey, I need to run for a while., or, "Time for me to get to bed.  Chat tomorrow?", etc.
  • You don't respect limits, including my limits of things I won't do with you, and things I generally won't do right away with a new sub.

If any of the above bullet points describes you, we're probably not a good match.

Some guidelines so you know what to expect, and what NOT to expect when playing with me:

This website contains my original work, almost all of which was done in my playroom...so that should give you a pretty good idea of the realm of possibility of things that I do. I absolutely respect limits, so just because you see it on this site doesn't mean I have to do it with you.

Things I generally will not do right away with someone new:

  • Chastity
  • Electro/e-stim
  • Ass play
  • Using my milking machine or fucking machine on you
  • Fucking you (with my dick)...I don't fuck my subs. I reserve that for a boyfriend. If you happen to be my boyfriend as well, even if you start out as my sub...that's a different story, of course. ;-) However, as you can see on this website, I have plenty of other means to use a sub's ass...both manual as well as automated (my favorite!). But where you see that...those subs have generally visited to play at least a few times prior to that session.

And to respond to a question (sort of) that I get very often...

If I visited to play, what would our first session be like?

Unfortunately, it's impossible for me to answer this question, for many reasons. When this question is asked, it's often before even talking over the phone...which is SOOO much better than impersonal online chat. Without knowing much about you, I have no clue what you're really into, what your true limits are, your experience so far (if any), what kind of shape you're in and what your endurance level is like (safety first!), whether you have anxiety issues and/or are likely to have panic attacks...especially when doing something that's new to you, etc. For all of these reasons and more, I can't put a "play book" together for you of what our first session will be like. Sure, you can throw things out there to sort of make "requests"...doesn't mean I'll do them (I've had some pretty extreme requests before, some even in the "unsafe" category), but it might help me to learn what makes you tick.

Also, getting this question is often purely intended for cyber jo chat purposes. Don't be THAT guy! ;-) I think you'll find that after getting to know you a bit better, I have no problem making sure you're comforable with my "playroom ways". It's just a bit awkward when it's the very first question in a chat box, haha.

Very general guidelines of guys I would be open to playing with:

  • A down to earth guy
  • A guy who is truly into bondage, and not just looking to fuck or have his ass used from the start
  • Someone in reasonable shape. You don't have to be a muscle bound gym rat, but I refuse to put you in an unsafe situation...and let's face it, the type of bondage I do requires some level of endurance and being in decent shape. I've had guys swear to me they can handle whatever I do, then after I spend an hour+ getting things prepped and ready, the session ends after 30 seconds because they're breathing heavy and can't endure what we're doing (even in something that's not THAT tough of a predicament). Seriously, how fun would that be for either of us? ;-) So I'm not going to measure your biceps, but if you're severely overweight, this probably isn't the type of bondage for you...no offense intended.
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Would you be willing to play with an out of town visitor?


I always like to get to know someone better before playing with him. The walk in the door, shake hands, "Let's fuck" routine, just doesn't work for me. ;-)

That being said, I understand this can be difficult with someone traveling who doesn't make it to the area very often. I have made exceptions in cases like this, providing the guy is willing to get to know each other better first. That means not just sitting behind a chat window, but also chatting on the phone at least once or twice before your arrival to the area. Some guys misinterpret this and wait until the last minute to call, then they want to meet 20 minutes later. Again, I like to know someone better before playing, and that just doesn't have that feel. As was said on a commercial a while back, the best things come to those who wait. The more I know someone, the more I know what makes them tick. The more I know what their true limits are, not just what they think they're. The more I know on whether or not they're likely to panic when trying certain things that they always wanted to try, such as e-stim. Knowing all of these things and more allows me to better adjust for them so that we both have a great time. I want you to enjoy your time here, not to run away hating it because we rushed into it and wishing we would have taken more time to know each other and make it better.

Trust me, it's always better when it's not rushed into, even if that means we just hang out, watch TV, and chat the first time you're here. You may think that sounds like a waste of time and like you're missing out on the action you wanted. But the next time it will probably be more than twice as much fun as it would have been.

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I love your work and I happen to be in town for the night. Can I come over so you can tie me up in your playroom?


Thanks. I'm glad you like my work, and wanting to be part of it is even better. However, I don't like hookups and I prefer to know a guy better before I play with him. So I'm sorry to say this, but tonight is not going to happen. That being said, if I'm available, I'd probably be up for a chat and going from there. You never know when we will cross paths again in the future.

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