What kind of gear do you have?


In a word...A LOT! (Ok, so that was 2 words.) ;-)

Here's a list of gear I currently own. It's probably not a complete list, but even if it were...it would most likely change by the time you read this anyway.

Plenty of rope
Lots of padlocks
Locking leather wrist and ankle cuffs
Heavy steel shackles (wrist, ankle, and collar) - NEW!
Leather collar
Leather head harness
Spreader bars
Wooden stocks
Bondage benches
Bondage wall with lots of attachment points
Stretching rack
Wooden horse
Cage, with custom mods
Parachute ball stretcher
Humblers (one is locking with e-stim attachments)
Ball weights
Plenty of clothespins (including a few with a custom mod) <evil grin!>
Nipple clamps
Gags (several types)
Electro gear (3 different power boxes, one is sound activated, and the newest one is also motion activated) - NEW!
Several electro gear attachments (electrified rubber cock loops, silicone cock rings, electrified neurowheel - NEW!, the locking humbler mentioned above, and of course...plenty of the pads)
Vibrating wands, and several adjustable arms to hold them in place, and a super hot vibrating device that I can't really describe here other than to say it's super hot!
A few attachments for the vibrating wands (including a silicone cock sheath, vibra cub, and an AWESOME attachment to one of my vibrating wands)
Chastity devices (several types of traditional chastity cages, and one chastity belt)
Dildos (from average size to "OMG!")
Winches and pulleys
Custom jail cell
Milking machine
Fucking machine

Custom made:

Bondage table
Bondage stool
Bondage chair
Bondage board
Dildo seat - NEW!
Impaler - NEW!
Other homemade devices


I've also been working on some things for more COVID-safe(r) play. That doesn't mean I'm throwing caution to the wind, it just means that when things are safe again...these will make them even safer, and many would also say HOTTER!

These include:

Modifications to the stocks/bondage wall to incorporate electromagnetic locks. Yep, that will allow me to lock you in, or unlock you...even from across the room and with no actual "lock", or least not a traditional type of lock.

Modifications to the jail cell (similar to above)

Remote toys...that can actually be operated with a remote control from across the room, or even from another room. Think about that...things on you and/or in you that are turning on/off, vibrating, moving around, etc., without me even coming near you, totally unexpected! That being said, some of this is planned for a surprise for some regular subs that are hoping they'll be able to visit again soon...as soon as international travel becomes "normal" again. So I don't want to go into TOO much detail here and spoil the surprise. I mean I'm sure you all would love to see their reaction to the unexpected in a post, or even a video, right? :-)

I'm sure this list will change...but that's what I can think of at the moment.

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I'm looking to get some new gear. Can you recommend a good place to purchase some?


With such a general question like this, it's difficult to make a recommendation without knowing a bit more about what you're looking for. It's almost like asking someone which restaurant in the area has good food, when they know nothing about your food preferences. They could recommend a great Thai restaurant, but if you can't stand spicy food it probably won't be great for you.

I'm always happy to help where I can, so feel free to shoot me a message. After we talk a bit about what you're looking for, I can probably help you find it.

However, if you're looking for a very general answer (and a discount, which can be hard to come by on kinky gear), Bondage Predicaments members can get an extra 10% off (even on sale prices) at BoyzShop by using this link or by using coupon code bndp.

FAQ Category: Gear questions