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Nice, and nice addition of the collar connected to the top of the spreader bar. And just how long did you last in that one, and how did you end up getting out of it? Was it an interrogation or similar type of challenge, or more of just a safe word and you were let out...that kind of thing?

Posted by Admin 06/19/2022 - 18:19
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Chastity sub Bound to Cage Vibrating WandAgain, boy cannot realize how lucky he is. Thanks for sharing
Posted by Bondagebuddy2 06/19/2022 - 16:59
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Lucky, lucky slave

Posted by Bondagebuddy2 06/19/2022 - 16:56
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Have been in that last position. It looks quite simple but is as tough as hell after just a short time. Collar connected to the top of the spreader too, just for extra sport....

Posted by cbr998 06/19/2022 - 14:58
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To please the coach is all that matters. To be in chastity ans edged would be ecstacy.

Posted by footsoldier 06/19/2022 - 12:39
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Story Saturday: A Cocky Jock’s Attitude Adjustment, Chapter 2

In Part 1, Jim had placed a pretty cocky ad on Craiglist:

Well-built jock looking for an experienced Dom with a well-equipped playroom who thinks he can tame me. I'll warn you though, it won't be an easy task. That being said, I have no limits and I consent to whatever you want to do with me. I'll bet you still can't give me the attitude adjustment that I need.”

After receiving my reply and agreeing to terms, he's now found himself standing naked and handcuffed in the playroom.

Me: “Like I said, I'm giving you a safe word since this is your first time. But we're in agreement that if you use the safe word, you will go home locked in chastity for at least a week, right?”

Boy: “Agreed. And like I said, you won't be able to get me to use the safe word. I'm a lot tougher than you think.”

Me: “Well, you may not think so now, but we'll see if you're as tough as you think. I'm giving you two safe words that you can use. Yellow, which means I will not immediately release you, but if you're gagged I will remove the gag so you can talk to me clearly. If you're gagged in a way that prevents you from talking at all, the equivalent will be snapping your fingers twice in a row with your left hand. I will make sure you're always able to do that if you're gagged. If you say Yellow, I'll ask you what the issue is, and I will consider changing things around a bit if I feel it's reasonable. If you use the Yellow safe word, you will not necessarily go home locked in chastity just for using it. Your other safeword is Red. The gagged equivalent for Red will be snapping your fingers three times in a row with your left hand. If you say Red, everything will stop and you will be released, but you will leave with your dick locked in chastity. Then you'll need to return here in a week. If you're a good boy, you could be unlocked in a week or possibly even less. If you're still the cocky jock you came in as, that dick could remain locked for 2 weeks. The only exception to going home locked in chastity if you say Red is if I feel your health is in jeopardy in any way.”

I noticed the boy's cock grow even more as I was explaining all of that, making me wonder how I'm going to get it in a chastity device now.

Boy: “Ok, that all sounds fair.”

Me: “Do you agree to these terms? If you have any hesitance, you can still walk out right now.”

Boy: “Yes, I agree to everything.”

Me: “Great. I'm going to lock your dick in chastity right now. If you get through the evening without saying Red, I will unlock it before you leave. If not, it stays on. You can still piss through the hole in the end of it, and it will be hidden under your clothes. Nobody will know it's there except for you and me.”

Boy: “'re going to lock it now?”

Me: “Yes, those are my terms. If you aren't comfortable with that, you can still leave now.”

He looks at me with total sincerity, for the first time since he arrived.

Boy: “I really, really need this. Ok, I agree, go ahead and lock it up now.”

I immediately locked his dick in a chastity cage. I chose a specific chastity device which I knew could come in handy in other ways. More on that later. I ended up having to use an ice pack to shrink his rock hard dick down to fit into the device, but I eventually got it in there. He was still blindfolded. As soon as he heard the lock click, his dick instantly began to grow again. It took all of about 5 seconds for his dick to reach full mast, that is, as full as it could grow before it hit a wall. The wall of the chastity cage that would let it grow no more.

I wasted no time in starting the boy's punishment for being an hour late. He could hear boards being moved into position as I got the wooden horse setup at a reasonable height considering the boy was new to all of this, along with some restraint points higher up. I guided him over to one side of the bondage wall, then had him face away from the wall and step one foot up onto a short stool I had in place on one side of the wooden horse. Then I had him do the same with the other foot, onto a short stool on the other side. After a bit of shifting things into place, I went behind the wall and used some quick release nylon straps to secure his body to the wall in two places. That would ensure he couldn't possible move forward to avoid the punishment that the wooden horse can be, and WILL be.

Once I had all of that in place, I lifted his left foot up as I removed the stool. He set his foot on the floor, which he noticed was quite a bit lower. I then lifted his right foot up and removed that stool. As he went to set his right foot down, he really started feeling the wooden horse that he was now forced to straddle. He quickly realized he had only two choices:

1. Stand up high on his toes and remain in that position until he's forced to lower his body back down from exhaustion.


2. Lower his body down relieving his calves, but enduring the punishment of sitting on the wooden horse with all of his weight.

Boy: “What the fuck man?”

Me: “Welcome to your punishment. Next time, don't be late! I was waiting for you to arrive for an entire hour, unable to do anything else since I was expecting you. Now you'll be waiting for me for a while, unable to do anything else except stand on your toes or sit on that edge you're straddling. And you will address me as Sir, not man.”

Boy: “What the fuck is this thing under me man?”

Me: “Care to rephrase that question, boy?”

Boy: “Whatever man. I warned you it wouldn't be easy to tame me.”

Me: “And like I said, we'll see if you're a tough as you think, or if you'll be going home tonight without the ability to jerk off for a week.”

This boy clearly needed an attitude adjustment. I walked over to a drawer where I had prepared some gear, and grabbed an open-mouth gag and two clothespins. I walked back over to the bondage wall where the boy could do nothing but wonder what I was up to. His dick was as hard as it could get in the tiny cage I had locked it in. The blindfolded boy couldn't see as I held up the the gag as if I was ready to strap it on him.

Me: “Last chance boy. How are you going to address me?”

Boy: “You don't scare me, pussy!”

With that last remark, I decided I was done listening to this cocky jock's attitude for a while. I held the gag to his mouth.

Me: “Open up.”

His lips were tightly sealed.

Me: “Open up boy, now!”

Still tight lipped.

With my other hand, I firmly grabbed his balls. I didn't squeeze them, yet, but the boy clearly knew I meant business when his mouth sprung wide open instantly. His cock also sprung up, making the chastity cage stand almost straight up.

I immediately put the gag in his mouth and buckled it behind him, securing it with a padlock. As he heard the distinct click of the lock, I noticed his locked cock jump yet again.

Me: “Are you starting to remember how to address me, boy?”

Boy: “Mmmpphhh mmphhhhh.”

Me: “I can't understand you, so I'll just assuming your still being a cocky jock with an attitude until I'm confident you've changed your tune.”

I grabbed the two clothespins and put one on his left nipple.


Me: “Yep, don't do the crime if you can't do the time, boy.”

I grabbed the other clothespin and put it on his right nipples.


Me: “Deal with it boy.”

I grabbed his locked dick firmly in my hand and lifted it up.

Me: “Why is this dick so hard and trying to bust out of the cage?”


Me: “Does it want some attention, boy?”

He immediately started rapidly nodding his head. Even though he was blindfolded, I could see the expression on his face, just begging for some attention for his cock.

Me: “Ok boy, I'll give your cock some attention in a few minutes. But keep in mind, this is supposed to be a punishment, and it will be!”

I pulled out two of my e-stim power boxes, and some attachments. I put an e-stim pad on each of his balls and I plugged some cables into the Electro Lockdown chastity cage I had previously locked his dick in. I connected the pads on his balls to a sound activated ABox, then I connected the chastity cage to a Zeus digital power box. I plugged in an external microphone to the ABox which would work much better for what I had planned. I clipped the mic to the open-mouth gag so it held the mic just inside of the gag. This would allow any talking, moaning, or any other sound he made to be easily heard.

Me: “Here's how this is gonna go. As soon as I push a few buttons, you're going to feel some slow, somewhat random e-stim to your locked cock. For some guys, it makes them hard.”

[I firmly grabbed his locked cock in my fist]

Me: “But I don't think that's going to happen in your case. You will be like this for 2 hours, double the amount of time that you were late. You are to remain completely silent while taking your punishment, and that rule will be strictly enforced. I've placed a microphone in the gag you're wearing. It will pick up any and all sounds, and sound will activate the e-stim connected to your balls. If you're silent as instructed, you'll only have to deal with the e-stim on your cock. If not, you'll be enduring a little extra punishment on your balls.”

Me: “Oh, and if this becomes too much for you, or if you're ready to admit that I have tamed you and that I can make you use the safe word, and of course if you're ready to spend at least a week with your dick locked up and unable to get off, then feel free to use the safe word. As a reminder, 3 finger snaps in a row with your left hand will get you out of this pretty quickly. But judging by the fact that there's absolutely no space left in that cage that your dick is currently filling up, I don't think you're ready to quit...yet. Hold on boy, you're in for a long ride! Two hours of this can go by reeeaally slooowly.”

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Allan on May 23, 2019 12:04

I am loving this. I sort of wish I was the Jock, but maybe not.

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