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Velcro Nipple ClampsI love it! And actually, I put Rev's idea to good used last night.
Posted by Admin 05/29/2020 - 09:44
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Velcro Nipple ClampsLove Rev's idea. May I add one thing? How about just using the electro at the same time. Any typing mistake or hesitation or slouching can be resolved with a quick burst of "energy" through his balls.
Posted by cbr998 05/29/2020 - 04:44
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Velcro Nipple ClampsWell I will say for your first time commenting, that's a pretty great idea! ;-) It sounds like the kind of thing I would come up with. be honest, it is exactly the kind of thing I did with this sub the other night, although I like your idea a bit better.
Posted by Admin 05/28/2020 - 14:12
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Velcro Nipple ClampsSounds like he needs to wear his gag, nipple clamps, and handcuffs for a video chat with you and apply the clamps and cuffs with the chains intertwined so that if he moves his arms too far from his body, his nipples get a nice tug.
Posted by Rev 05/28/2020 - 12:07
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Velcro Nipple ClampsNice ideas! The one modification would have to be if he's in rubber, his nipples are not accessible. We were talking about that earlier, but currently the rubber he has does not allow access to them. It allows access to other areas though.
Posted by Admin 05/27/2020 - 21:14
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Story Saturday: A Coach’s Persuasive Motivation, Chapter 8

I couldn’t stop thinking about lying curled up on Brian’s chest. The thought of it consumed me, with his hand massaging my neck, firmly holding my face to the nook between the musk of his underarm and the safety of his broad chest. I turned his words over and over in my head after he murmured them into my hair,

“Good boy. I quite liked that boy, you did a really good job. I’ve been thinking that you might benefit from a little more structure boy so I’ve got some new rules we’re going to implement from now on to help keep your focus and improve your training:

You will address me as Sir at all times as a sign of respect and in recognition of the effort I put into your training;

You will endeavour to keep yourself horny so that you have the energy you need to train properly. As such every morning and every night you will send me two pictures. One with your dick soft in your cage and one, no less than 30 seconds later of your dick as hard as it can possibly get in your cage and straining to burst free;

After every training session you will help your Sir undress, taking off my jock strap… without using your hands of course; and helping me to get clean before wasting water in the shower; and finally,

You no longer have a set timeframe in which to cum, I will leave it up to you to beg for release but be aware that if you seem to be getting greedy and asking too soon, there will be consequences, and any time the cage comes off:

You will be restrained;

You will be teased; and I promise you,

By the time the cage goes back on, you will be begging for it’s protection again.

Even with the latter sounding so ominous, my dick was straining in it’s cage by the time Sir had finished speaking. The first task was easy as the step from Captain to Sir was very small. The second task seemed easy at first but the more I thought about it the more challenging I realised it would be: I didn’t think it would be challenging to get my dick hard in 30 seconds. The cage made me so horny I could probably do it in half that. Indeed the problem was to take a picture of my dick soft in my cage required me to think about being locked, take out my phone, load my camera, look down and take out my caged dick and somehow, miraculously not be hard already! I knew I’d end up trying two or three times a night to get it, all the while growing increasingly horny as I focused on my state. The third task was, I figured, my reward for a job well done. Being that close to Sir’s crotch; breathing in the deep scent of his sweat, co-mingled with the hint of piss and cum that comes with an uncut man’s dick (or possibly just my imagination); tasting Sir’s jock as I worked it down. And then there was rule number four. It was the cruellest of mind games! I knew I would agonise over wanting desperately to cum but not wanting to disappoint Sir; I wasn’t sure I’d ever build up the courage to beg for release.

That night, I had to take care of my task as ordered. I did all I could to get my dick to go down in the cage. It took me forever to focus hard enough, or not focus, if you know what I mean, to allow my dick to get soft. I knew if it was touching the end of the cage, Sir wouldn’t accept it. Plus I’d probably have an additional punishment waiting for me the next day. I finally got my imprisoned dick soft enough and I quickly snapped a pic of it.

Boy Locked in Chastity Soft

Then I had only 30 seconds to get it hard for the next pic. I knew Brian would somehow be checking to make sure I followed his rules, so I had to get this right, or do it all over again. It actually wasn’t that hard (no pun intended) to get my dick hard again. It took about 28 seconds, but I quickly snapped a pic as ordered.

Boy Locked in Chastity Hard

The next day I was back with Brian, hoping the pics I sent him would be acceptable to him. I was waiting in anticipation for him to bring up the subject, but he didn’t say anything about it, not yet anyway.

Needless to say, as I lay in Sir’s arms, I was horny as hell and I involuntarily started thrusting my hips just slightly. Brian chuckled.

“That make you horny boy?” I groaned slightly and nodded and Brian laughed again.

“Well I’m sort of horny too boy even though I just came. I guess men like me are like that, not caged little boys. Come here” Brian lifted me so I was kneeling on top of him, straddling his waist. I could feel his growing cock against my ass and I moaned again as I thrust again, wishing it was inside of me.

“Tell you what boy, I’ll give you a new task and if you finish in 10 minutes without using your hands, I’ll release you and let you cum. But if you choose to use your mouth on my dick, I’m only giving you 5 minutes. Get more creative, and I’ll give you 10 minutes, but I still expect your hands to remain far from my cock.” My eyes grew wide and I nodded enthusiastically.

“Make me cum.” My eyes bulged. Make him… oh gosh!

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