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Nice, and nice addition of the collar connected to the top of the spreader bar. And just how long did you last in that one, and how did you end up getting out of it? Was it an interrogation or similar type of challenge, or more of just a safe word and you were let out...that kind of thing?

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Chastity sub Bound to Cage Vibrating WandAgain, boy cannot realize how lucky he is. Thanks for sharing
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Lucky, lucky slave

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Have been in that last position. It looks quite simple but is as tough as hell after just a short time. Collar connected to the top of the spreader too, just for extra sport....

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To please the coach is all that matters. To be in chastity ans edged would be ecstacy.

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Story Saturday: Pledging the Frat, Chapter 10

Chad: “Ready to suck dick, pledge?”

Dan: “I guess so.”


Dan (reluctantly): “Yes Sir.”

Chad: “Jason, go upstairs and make a sign-up sheet, then go around the frat and see who wants their dick sucked. First come, first served. If this pledge doesn’t want to shut his mouth when he’s told, then he’s going to have it open and full of cock for a while.”

Jason headed upstairs, grabbed his tablet, whipped up a quick sign-up sheet, and brought it around to the brothers currently in the frat house. On the sign-up sheet, he made two columns. One for "Name", and othe other for "Any special requests?". The first two brothers weren't quite sure what to put under special requests, so they left that column blank. The third brother wanted to make sure he got a GOOD blowjob, and that the pledge would get him off. So he wrote that under special requests. That seemed to open the floodgates. From then on, every brother wrote in a special request.

One brother said he wanted his balls licked to. Another said he wanted to give the pledge a facial. The next said he wanted his dick sucked and balls licked, not separately, but at the very same time. This meant the pledge would have to take the brother's dick in his mouth, reach his tongue out as far as possible, and lick the balls without pulling his mouth off of the dick first. This would take a talented mouth without much of a gag reflex, or there would be some serious gagging going on. The next brother said he didn't want any spillage allowed on the floor. The next said if he feels any teeth, he wants a second blowjob from another pledge.

The sign up sheet went around the frat house, and so far not a single brother was passing up the opportunity to get a blowjob from pledge Dan.

Blowjob Signup Sheet

Jason came back downstairs with a page full of brothers signed up for their blowjobs.

Jason: "Here, I've definitely got a good start. This should keep pledge Dan busy for quite a while. I brought the first blowjob recipient with me."

Chad: "Hey, I was thinking...what do you think of having a rating system?"

Jason: "What kind of rating system?"

Chad: "Like, every brother rates the blowjob he gets from pledge Dan here, and he keeps suckin dick until he earns 50 points."

Jason: "I love it! Let's do it! You heard the man, pledge, you need 50 points to get released from the pillory. Until then, you're stuck there, with cock after cock being rammed into your mouth. The more effort and enthusiasm you put into suckin dick, the sooner you're likely to be released. Slack off a lot, and you could be locked in that pillory all night long."

Jeff walked over to the pillory where pledge Dan was locked. He had quite a devilish grin on his face. Jeff was known to have a pretty devious mind, especially when it comes to pledges. He was always one to come up with creative punishments, or increase existing punishments in creative ways that no one else had thought of.

Jeff: "He looks pretty uncomfortable locked in that pillory."

Chad: "Yep, we made sure of it. We even made sure he was gagged while he waited for guys to sign-up for blowjobs. We also put a leather harness on him. Since he now knows what the K really stands for, might as well have him look the part."

Pledge Dan was wearing a leather Bulldog Harness, and gagged with an open-mouth gag, which was starting to cause him to drool all over the place.

Jeff: "But not quite uncomfortable enough, in my opinion. Mind if I make a few modifications?"

Chad: "Sure, go for it."

Jeff unlocked the board holding the pledge's feet in place. Then, with Jason's assistance, he held up the part of the pillory that locked Dan's hands in, pulled the pins out that held the board in place, and slid it further down in the vertical track. Then he did the same with the board locking Dan's head in place. When he was finished, Dan had to bend over even more than before. He was forced to bend over so far and his back actually arched up a bit above the boards of the pillory.

Boy Locked in Stocks

Dan immediately thought he could get some relief by kneeling down, to get himself out of this uncomfortable stance bending over more than 90 degrees. He attempted to do so, and found that he could only get one knee on the floor at a time. When he tried kneeling on both knees, he found his neck angled in such a way that wouldn't allow him to breathe very easily. He certainly couldn't remain like that, so he put one foot back on the floor to raise one side of his body up a bit and avoid the inevitable if both knees were on the floor.

Boy Locked in Stocks

A few minutes later, Dan could no longer remain in this position either. So he put both feet on the floor again and stood up, bent over more than 90 degrees with his back arched up like before.

Boy Locked in Stocks

About two minutes later, it was back down on one knee, opposite of last time.

Boy Locked in Stocks

He even tried another approach, bending his knees a bit so he wouldn't have to arch his back up so far. That didn't seem to help either.

Boy Locked in Stocks

At least before, he was stuck in one position that he could maintain for a while. But this position was pure torture, he couldn't maintain one position for very long which only proved to send him into exhaustion much quicker than before.

Jeff noticed this, and Chad and Jason immediately noticed that devilish grin on Jeff's face again. Jeff removed the blindfold to allow Dan to see his new predicament.

Jeff: "Perfect. NOW he's ready to suck my dick. I have a feeling this way, he'll be much more motivated to please me than he would have been before."

He was right, and the look on Dan's face at this point acknowledged that he couldn't have been more right. He stepped up to the pillory, and waited for the pledge to open his mouth wide to receive Jeff's thick cock. But the pledge did nothing but wait nervously.

Jeff: "Pledge, I suggest you open wide. Or do I need to make you more uncomfortable to motivate you further?"

Dan: "No Sir, please don't! Ahhh!"

Dan opened his mouth wider than he ever had before, and even said "Ahhh..." to emphasize his compliance.

Jeff hadn't written in any special requests on the sign up sheet. But with his spontaneous, devious mind, he didn't have to. He was making this quite a challenge for pledge Dan either way. He inserted just the head of his dick into the pledge's mouth. Dan was sure to keep his mouth wide open so as not to piss off Jeff again, but did nothing more.

Jeff: "Pledge, shouldn't you be doing something right about now, to show me how thankful you are for the privilege of having my cock in your mouth, and to show me that you want more of my cock deep down your throat?"

Dan (with a mouth full of cock): "Ahh, orry ir."

Even just the head of Jeff's thick cock was enough to almost fill Dan's mouth.

Jeff: "Start lickin it pledge! If I don't feel like you're dying to get my entire cock in your mouth within the next thirty seconds, I'm going to make a few more adjustments to the pillory."

Dan immediately started licking the head of Jeff's cock, slurping it, lapping all around it, doing everything he could to please brother Jeff.

Jeff: "That's better, pledge."

After making Dan suck his cock for about 20 minutes, Jeff pulled out and stepped to the side. The next brother had arrived for his blowjob service.

Chad: "Wait, Jeff, how would you rate the blowjob that pledge Dan just gave you, on a scale from 1 to 10?"

Jeff: "You call that a blowjob? The pledge didn't even get me off. That's an automatic 5 point max. And he just stood there like he didn't know what to do with the privilege of my dick in front of his face, I'm deducting another point for that. And another 2 points deducted since I felt his teeth once. So I'll give him a rating of 2 out of 10."

Chad: "Damn pledge, you're either going to have to step it up, or you literally WILL be here all night suckin cock! Haha."

Brother Bill stepped up for his blowjob, and received a pretty good one from Dan since he has already been trained by Jeff. Bill wanted to make sure the pledge got him off, but Dan didn't succeed at making him cum. Once he was fairly satisfied despite not getting off, he stepped to the side and watched as the next brother approached the pillory, hard cock in hand.

Chad: "Brother Bill, what rating are you giving this pledge?"

Bill: "Hmmm, well he did a pretty good job overall, but he didn't get me off, and I think I'm going with Jeff's policy on that. So I'll give him 5 points."

Chad: "You're at a total of 7 points, pledge. An average of 3.5 points per blowjob. At this rate, you'll be suckin 15 cocks tonight!"

The other brothers laughed, as they watched Dan suck dick in desperation to end his sentence locked in the pillory.

As Jake approached the pillory, Dan opened his mouth wide as he had been trained to do.

Jake: "No pledge, I want my balls licked first."

Dan hadn't even stuck his tongue out and already felt humiliated by the thought of licking a brother's sweaty balls.

Jake: "And you're going to lick them for me, pledge. Let's go, get to it!"

Without any further hesitation, Dan reached his tongue out and begin licking Jake's balls. After that, he sucked his dick like he had done for the other brothers. Jake awarded the pledge 4 points. Slightly better than his average so far, but not enough to get him released anytime soon.

He continued through the list delivering blow job after blowjob, forced to honor any special requests that each brother had. When he got to brother Tim, he was actually able to get him off. Per brother Tim's request on the sign-up sheet, he pulled out and gave the pledge a facial. Tim awarded pledge Dan 7 points, bringing him to a total of 18 points.The next brother approached Dan, helplessed locked in the pillory as a blowjob machine for all brothers in the frat.

Chris: "Open up, pledge! I hope you've got a deep throat!"

Dan opened wide and began sucking Chris' dick.

Chris: "Lick my balls, pledge."

Dan attempted to pull off of Chris' cock, but was unable to. His head was pinned in position, impaled on Chris' thick cock.

Chris: "Did I say to take my dick out of your mouth, pledge?"

Dan (mouth impaled on Chris' cock): "Ooo hir."

Chris: "I said, LICK MY BALLS!"

Dan was confused.

Chris: "Take my 8 inch cock deeper in your mouth, stick your tongue out far, reach for my balls, and lick em! If I don't feel your tongue on my balls in a few seconds, I'm gonna start repeatedly fuckin your throat, mercilessly!"

Dan thought this was an impossible demand. He had a gag reflex, and a bad one. But the alternative was much worse. So he plunged down on Chris' dick as far as he could without gagging, then reached his tongue out as far as possible. He couldn't quite reach Chris' balls. Chris started counting.

Chris: "Five...four...three..."

Dan knew he was in a heap of trouble if he didn't find a way. Being throat fucked repeatedly with no mercy would be unbearable, and he knew Chris was serious about his threat! So he went down deeper on Chris' dick and was able to reach his tongue out and lick Chris' balls...ONCE, as he gagged on his dick. Then he came back up for air, then repeated the process to get another lick on his balls. He did this several times, until Chris was satisfied and finally pulled out of Dan's mouth. Since he finally figured out a way to lick Chris' balls while sucking his thick cock, Chris gave him a rating of 7. This brought his total up to 25. He was half way there, half way to release. Half way to no longer having to choose the lesser of 3 evils...kneeling on the left knee, kneeling on the right knee, or standing up on his feet, arched over extremely uncomfortably.

The next brother stepped up. Brad had a made a point to put on the request sheet, "No spillage allowed on the floor!"

Brad: "Pledge, I want my dick sucked, and my load swallowed. Absolutely no spillage on the floor. If I see cum on the floor, my 9" x 7" dick is going in your ass, and your buddy's ass as well."

Dan and Mike both got wide-eyed immediately. They couldn't even imagine how awful Brad's dick would feel in their asses. They'd never even heard of a guy's dick being 7" around before, and it looked huge!

Chad: "Pledge Mike, I suggest you lay on the floor here and catch any potential spillage from your buddy Dan's mouth. That is, unless you both want to risk getting your hole pounded by Brad's mammoth cock?"

Mike was frozen, unsure of what to do. He felt he didn't have any good options. Taking Brad's cum in his mouth sounded really humiliating. But taking his thick cock in his ass sounded really painful.

Jason: "NOW PLEDGE! Get down on the floor, facing up!"

His decision was now made for him. He quickly got down on the floor, both hoping his mouth was lined up properly, and partially hoping it wasn't. But if it wasn't, he was sure to catch at least some cum spillage in his mouth. Was it worth taking only some of Brad's cum in his mouth, and still having his hole pounded? He shifted a bit, trying to better line his mouth up under Dan's mouth.

Dan sucked brother Brad's dick the best he could. Finally Brad shot a huge load. There was so much, way too much to hold in Dan's mouth. A lot of it spilled, and the brothers laughed as Dan shifted around quickly and desperately tried to catch every drop in his mouth. Brad ended up giving the blowjob a rating of 8, bringing Dan's total to 33.

Next up was Chad.

Chad: "Alright pledge, if I feel any teeth, your buddy Mike here is going to give me a second blowjob after I finish with you."

Mike gazed at Dan, as if to say, "Please, please, PLEASE keep your teeth out of the way!" And that's exactly what he did. Dan was so desperate for this punishment to end that he put in a lot of extra effort, earning him a rating of 9 from Chad. His total was now 42. He only needed 8 more points to be done and released from the pillory. But Jason was next, and Jason could be very hard on pledges.

While Jason was giving pledge Dan his very detailed requirements for the blowjob that he was about to receive, pledge Mike was escorted over to the table with a hole in the middle of it.

Bondage Table

Chad: "Time for your special punishement, pledge."

He removed the pledge's chastity belt temporarily for this punishment.

Chad: "Get up on this table, facing down, with your dick and balls through the hole."

Chad fastened several straps on the table to make sure the pledge was completely secured, unable to move an inch. Then he started stroking the pledge's dick to get it hard, then stopped. He repeated this several times. He had previously attached a few vibrating wands underneath the table. He setup a program to turn them on and off at random intervals, then started the program.

Bondage Table Edging

Chad: "Pledge, if you cum, I'll see to it that you're locked in chastity for an additional 3 months! Got it?"

Mike (very nervous at just the thought of that): "Y-y-yes Sir."

Chad left Mike there to stew for a while, his cock being pleasured, or was it? It would only be true pleasure if he was allowed to cum. But he didn't have that right, or he wouldn't cum again for at least another 3 months, and the thought of that terrified him.

Bondage Table Edging

The frat brothers couldn't help but hear Mike's occassional moaning as the vibrating wands brought him oh-so-close to shooting his load, just before they stopped yet again. But about 45 minutes into Mike's ordeal, he was moaning a lot more than usual. Chad walked over there and saw him stroking his cock between the wands, as if he couldn't help himself. Then he saw the first drop of cum, and immediately pressed a button which stopped everything immediately.

Mike: "Fuuuuck!"

Chad: "You should know better, pledge. You were told not to cum. Instead of obeying that order, I saw you thrusting your cock between the wands, as if you were actually trying to get yourself off. And then I saw a drop of cum. Bad pledge!"

Mike: "But it didn't even feel good when I shot my load!"

Chad: "I know, because I stopped the wands immediately when I saw one drop of cum. It's called a ruined orgasm. It gives you none of the pleasure of getting off, it makes you want to cum about 10 times more than you did before, and it gives your cock all of the post-orgasm sensitivity that you'd normally have."

Mike looked terrifed when Chad said that last part.

Chad: "As PART of the consequences for letting yourself cum, the remotely controlled vibrating butt plug will be locked in your ass every night for a week while you sleep...or while you TRY to sleep anyway. Haha. As for the other part, the other brothers and I will discuss that now."

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