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Nice, and nice addition of the collar connected to the top of the spreader bar. And just how long did you last in that one, and how did you end up getting out of it? Was it an interrogation or similar type of challenge, or more of just a safe word and you were let out...that kind of thing?

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Chastity sub Bound to Cage Vibrating WandAgain, boy cannot realize how lucky he is. Thanks for sharing
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Lucky, lucky slave

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Have been in that last position. It looks quite simple but is as tough as hell after just a short time. Collar connected to the top of the spreader too, just for extra sport....

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To please the coach is all that matters. To be in chastity ans edged would be ecstacy.

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Story Saturday: Pledging the Frat, Chapter 13

Dan was once again called over to insert the vibrating butt plug into Mike's ass, which was locked in with the back piece of the full chastity belt. Mike was then sent over to the other frat, as they were promised he would be there. Before he left, the vibrating butt plug was set to "torture" mode. Mike was told that it would remain on this setting until he arrived at the other frat, to ensure he went directly there and didn't try to get out of it.

Mike arrived promptly at Phi Alpha Sigma. When he got there, one of the frat brothers greeted him at the door.

Alex: "Come on in Mike."

Mike walked in nervously.

Alex: "I assume you want torture mode turned off."

Mike: "Yes, I do."

Alex: "Is that any way to respond? Get on your knees and beg, and I better feel like you worship the ground I walk on, or torture mode stays on all night long."

Mike got down on his knees.

Mike: "Please Sir, I would do anything for you, please turn torture mode off, Sir."

Alex: "That's better."

Alex turned torture mode off.

Alex: "We have an interesting night planned for you."

Alex led Mike into a room where all of the Phi Alpha Sigma brothers were waiting. Mike immediately noticed all of the brothers sitting in a large circle in the room. There was one gap in the circle, and a chair in the middle.

Alex (pointing to the gap in the circle): "Enter the circle. You will stand in the middle next to the chair."

Mike hesitated for a moment, but with the pressure of every brother staring at him with a fierce, "we're not messing around" look, he complied.

Alex: "Now remove all of your clothes."

Mike hesitated. The brothers at Alpha Beta Kappa hadn't quite broken through his homophobic attitude, and stripping in front of yet another group of guys that he had never seen before was definitely outside the norm for "tough guy" Mike.

Alex reached for his cell phone which was already connected to the vibrating butt plug locked in Mike's ass. He held up it facing Mike, and the screen showed "torture mode" activated. However, "torture mode" had 3 levels...low, medium, and high. It was currently set to low. Mike held his finger hovering over medium.

Alex: "I said NOW!"

Mike hesitated for a few more seconds, so Alex pressed the medium button, immediately sending Mike's ass into another frenzy of frustration.

Mike's hesitation was now gone. He knew he had no choice but to comply, and he saw that there was another even higher level that Alex could have, and still can, set the plug to. Mike was now standing in the center of the circle of frat brothers, completely naked. Well, all except for the full chastity belt that he was locked in, along with the back piece that sealed his fate for a long night of ass torture from the remotely controlled vibrating butt plug.

Alex: "Have a seat."

Mike sat down in the chair.

Alex: "No response? Is that the sorry way that your frat has disciplined you pledge?"

Mike: "Yes Sir."

Alex: "So your frat sucks at disciplining disrespectful pledges?"

Mike: "Um, no."

Alex: "You just said yes, pick one pledge."

Mike didn't know what to say in order to not get himself in trouble.

Alex sat down in the circle and passed his phone to the brother to the right of him, who immediately started playing with the vibrating butt plug app. Mike felt a sudden change in vibrations in his ass, which caused him to jump.

Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

The frat brothers laughed as Mike jumped out of his chair.

A few minutes later, one brother passed the phone to the next brother to his right, who then played with the controls himself. It seemed like the second Mike got used to one pattern as much as he possibly could, the pattern changed.

Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

Mike: "Come on, get this thing out of me!"

Tyler: "Haha, you're at a real frat now, pledge. We don't mess around here. When a pledge fucks up here, we discipline him, unlike your frat."

The brothers continued to pass the phone around so every brother got a chance to send his own version of frustrating vibrations deep into Mike's ass.

Alex: "So pledge, how did you get yourself into this mess anyway? I'm pretty sure you didn't lock that chastity belt on yourself."

Mike (arrogantly rolling his eyes): "Obviously not."

Tyler: "Watch the attitude, pledge. Did you not hear what I just told you? We don't fuck around here. Pledges who are disrespectful to brothers of Phi Alpha Sigma pay the price for it. Now answer the question that brother Alex asked you."

Mike: "I'd rather not talk about it. Are we done here?"

Tyler: "Obviously this pledge doesn't want to talk, willingly. How about a little interrogation?"

Alex: "Sounds good to me. Another round?"

Most of the brothers now had a big grin on their faces. They love nothing more than interrogating a pledge who doesn't want to talk.

Alex: "I'll ask you one more time, pledge. How did you get yourself locked in chastity?"


Alex whipped up a quick vibration pattern in the app, then immediately sent it to the vibrating butt plug deep in Mike's ass.

Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

Mike leaped off the chair once again as the new pattern caught him by surprise. This one felt a bit more intense than the others, more than he even though was possible.

Mike: "Um...I broke a rule."

Alex: "That's better, pledge. See, you could've avoided that vibration burst you just got if you would've talked the first time."

Alex passed the phone to brother Tyler on his right.

Tyler: "You broke ONE rule, and got locked in chastity, pledge?"

Mike: "Yep."

Tyler drew a pattern in the app, one that was even more intense than the last, and sent it to the plug.

Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

Mike jumped yet again.

Tyler: "First off, it's not Yep, it's Yes Sir. Secondly, I don't believe you. I'll give you one more chance before I really hike things up."

Mike: "Ok ok, I broke a few rules."

Tyler: "What rules did you break?"

Mike was silent, as he bowed his head down.

Tyler created another, even more torturous pattern, and sent it to the plug.

Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

Mike: "DAMN! Ok ok, I'll tell you whatever you want to know, please just don't do that to me again!"

Tyler: "TALK, PLEDGE! What rules did you break?"

Mike: "Well, it started when the brothers made me bring their dirty laundry to the laundry room naked and I stopped in my room to hide for a bit."

Tyler: "They JUST made you bring their dirty laundry to the laundry room? I feel like there's something missing in that story."

Tyler held up the phone with his finger hovering over a button, ready to send another pattern that was even more intense.

Mike: "No no no, please don't push that button! Ok, there's more to the story. They made me crawl to the laundry room. And, um..."

Tyler (finger still hovering): "Keep going pledge."

Mike: "Um, they made me carry their dirty socks and jocks in my mouth."

Tyler: "Now this is starting to sound more like a true punishment for a pledge."

Tyler passed the phone to the next brother to his right.

Ryan: "So, pledge, how do you feel about them locking you in that chastity cage, and locking that vibrating butt plug in your ass?"

Mike: "I don't know."

Ryan: "I think you know how you feel about it."

Mike: "Ok I guess."

Ryan: "You feel ok about it? So I should tell them that since you're ok with it, they can keep you locked like that for months, or years?"

Mike: "NO!"

Ryan: "Then how do you really feel about it?"

Ryan reached in his pocket briefly and pressed something, as if he had a remote in his pocket.

Mike: "They're assholes for locking me in this chastity belt."

Ryan: "Who?"

Mike: "Jason and Chad mainly."

Ryan: "Yeah? You sound pretty pissed off about that."

Mike: "I am, they're fucking jackasses for locking me in this thing!"

What Mike didn't know was that Ryan had reached into his pocket to press a button, one that started recording his every word through a microphone under his chair.

Ryan passed the phone to the right, and it continued to get passed around the circle as each and every brother asked Mike whatever questions they wanted answers to. And Mike answered every single one of them, in detail, often badmouthing his own frat or divulging secrets of Alpha Beta Kappa.. Some questions were answered immediately, and some required a little "persuasion" deep in his ass.

The next day

Dan: "Chad, could you watch my workout?"

Chad: "Sure. I want 3 sets. Each set will be 20 pushups, 20 situps, and 10 burpees."

Dan: "Yes Sir."

Dan started his first set. Dan was in pretty good shape, and got through the 20 pushups without much trouble. The same for the 20 situps. The burpees were a bit challenging, as they are for most, but he got through them. The second set went fairly well, until he got to the burpees. He got a bit sloppy after 8 burpees, but still got through them. However, that wasn't good enough for Chad.

Chad: "Pledge, stand up."

Dan stood up. Chad looked right at him with an evil grin.

Chad: "How do you think you did so far?"

Dan: "I think I did good."

Chad: "You got sloppy on 8. Strip naked, and start over."

Dan: "Yes Sir."

Dan took all of his clothes off, as ordered, then started his workout over again. This time it was even more grueling, and tougher to get through, but he completed it.

Chad: "Not good enough, that was even sloppier than the first time. On your knees, pledge!"

Dan reluctantly got down on his knees.

Chad: "For your sloppiness, you owe me a blowjob."

Dan: "Seriously?"

Chad: "Question me again, and you'll owe me two blowjobs."

Dan: "Yes Sir, sorry Sir."

Dan sucked Chad's dick to completion. He actually put quite a bit of effort into it. He had learned in the past, primarily from watching his buddy Mike fuck up so many times, that slacking or having an attitude can get him in more trouble...especially when he's already being punished.

The other pledges all got their workouts in and monitored by a frat brother, except for Mike.

Jason: "Pledge Mike...I hear none of the brothers saw your workout today."

Mike: "What do you mean? I did it."

Jason: "Nobody saw you. And the rules clearly state, 'A frat brother must witness your workouts, or they will not count.', as you're well aware."

Mike: "Come on, I was so tired after a REALLY long night last night at Phi Alpha Sigma."

Jason: "So you think that's a good excuse to skip a workout?"

Mike: "I think it should be."

Jason: "AND you just lied to me, telling me you did your workout when you didn't?"

Mike lowered his head in silence.

Jason: "Report to the basement dungeon in 10 minutes, where the entire frat will watch you do 30 burpees, naked. If you aren't there in 10 minutes, that vibrating plug in your ass will be turned on at random intervals for the next 24 hours straight."

Mike: "Yes Sir."

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