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Nice, and nice addition of the collar connected to the top of the spreader bar. And just how long did you last in that one, and how did you end up getting out of it? Was it an interrogation or similar type of challenge, or more of just a safe word and you were let out...that kind of thing?

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Chastity sub Bound to Cage Vibrating WandAgain, boy cannot realize how lucky he is. Thanks for sharing
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Lucky, lucky slave

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Have been in that last position. It looks quite simple but is as tough as hell after just a short time. Collar connected to the top of the spreader too, just for extra sport....

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To please the coach is all that matters. To be in chastity ans edged would be ecstacy.

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Story Saturday: Pledging the Frat, Chapter 9

Mike: “I didn’t even know there was a basement in this house. I wonder what’s down here?”

Dan: “I don’t know, but let’s find out. Nobody’s around anyway.”

They got to the bottom of the stairs. To the right was a door, with a small window near the top of it. Mike stood up on his toes to reach the window. When he could finally see through it, his jaw dropped. He stayed there for several seconds, almost as if he was frozen. He could see several pieces of furniture, what looked like medieval torture devices. One of them had a large hole that looked like it would fit someone’s head, and a few other smaller holes in various places. He remembered seeing a similar device once before, and thought it was called a pillory. Next to that, he saw another wooden frame with a piece of wood coming out of it which was perpendicular to the floor and elevated, and the top edge looked somewhat sharpened. He also saw a table that was laying flat, and there appeared to be a hole in the middle of it around 4-5 inches in diameter. Next to the table was an odd looking stool. It had several eyebolts in the legs and a hole in the seat, very similar to the hole in the table that was next to it.

Dan: “What is it? What is it? What’s in there?”

Suddenly they both heard footsteps. It was Chad and Jason walking down the stairs.

Chad: “So pledges, looks like you finally found out what the K in our fraternity name stands for.”

Dan's eyes got very wide suddenly. He couldn't believe the predicament he and Mike had gotten themselves into this time. They were caught red handed. Mike turned around just as shocked, and just as scared. He was immediately afraid they were going to kick him out of the frat for this one.

Mike: "Sorry Sirs, I'm really very sorry!"

Dan: "Me too, Sirs."

Jason: "You will be, pledge. So what's going through your mind now that you found out what the K stands for?"

Mike (confused): "I don't understand..."

Chad opened the door, then grabbed Mike roughly and cuffed his hands behind his back. At the same time, Jason grabbed Dan, pulled a pair of handcuffs out of his pocket and did the same, rendering Dan helpless. They walked the pledges into the basement dungeon.

Jason: "You found the frat's kinky dungeon. We used to use to use it regularly to punish pledges, but some people didn't seem to like that. So we've kept it a secret for a while now. But since you pledges have now seen it, no sense in not putting it to good use on you!"

Mike: "I'm sorry Sir, I'm really really sorry. If you let us go back upstairs and forget about this ever happening, I promise I'll never tell anyone about this room."

Jason: "I don't think so, pledge. Now that the secret is out, at least with you two pledges, I think Chad and I have a few devious ideas we're going to want to put to use."

Chad closed the door, locked it from the inside, and secured the key deep in his pocket. The pledges were now trapped in the kinky dungeon that had discovered just minutes ago.

Jason: "Hmm, what to do with you pledges..."

Chad pulled Jason aside and whispered into his ear.

Chad (whispering to Jason): "How about we make these pledges punish each other?"

Jason (whispering): "You mean like a contest, and the loser gets punished harder in the end?"

Chad (whispering): "I like your thinking, but I actually meant one pledge decides the other pledge's punishment. If we don't feel it's harsh enough, then how about we double it for the pledge who came up with the idea, and make it more intense?"

Jason loved Chad's idea. They walked back over to the pledges.

Jason: "Pledge Dan, did you follow your buddy Mike down here?"

Dan: "Um...Yes Sir, sorry Sir."

Jason: "Who had the bright idea of snooping down here?"


Jason: "Pledge Dan, I asked you a question! I expect an answer, NOW!"


Jason: "Pledge Dan, your silence has just earned you one week locked in chastity. You want to be your buddy Mike's partner in crime, now you'll also be his partner in chastity. Now answer my question! Or did you want to go for two weeks?"

Dan: "Sorry Sir. I was curious as to what was down here, and Mike came down with me."

Chad: "Pledge Mike, haven't you learned yet from all the trouble you've gotten yourself into already?"

Mike: "Sorry Sir."

Chad: "Pledge Dan, I want you to choose one of the devices in this room and tell me what you think Mike's punishment should be using it?"

Dan: "I don't know, Sir."

Chad: "I suggest you choose, pledge. Trust me, you don't want us choosing, so you should definitely take this opportunity!"

Dan: "Yes Sir."

Dan looked around the room. He had seen a pillory before in history books. He wasn't very good at history, but this one left a lasting image burned into his brain. Every time he had seen one, he couldn't imagine how torturous it must be to be bent over with your head and hands locked in place, unable to stand up straight. He immediately decided against that device for his buddy Mike. He continued to pan around the room. He saw the table with a hole in it, and a stool next to that with a hole in it. He could only imagine what the hole was for based on where it was placed on each device, and immediately decided against those as well. Then he looked at a large wooden frame with a beam toward the top of it and a few boards stacked further down. He assumed someone would stand there and be handcuffed to it. He thought, what harm could there be in that?

Dan (pointing): "Um, that one."

Chad: "See pledge, that wasn't so hard, was it?"


Chad: "Now how long do you think your buddy should be punished using that device?"

Dan: "Um, I don't know."

Chad: "Are you sure you want us to choose?"

Dan: "Sorry Sir, how about a half hour?"

Chad: "You really think that's long enough for a pledge who has been getting himself into trouble since he got here?"

Dan: "Um, I think so Sir."

Chad: "Ok then. Jason, chain pledge Mike up on the wooden horse."

Mike and Dan's eyes got big. Wooden horse, they thought, what was that supposed to mean? Dan didn't notice the vertical piece of wood suspended above the floor, also know as the wooden horse.

Jason: "Gladly!"

Jason removed the handcuffs from Mike's wrists.

Jason: "Pledge Mike, take off all of your clothes."

Mike hesitated.

Jason: "NOW, or things will get a lot worse for you pledge!"

Mike reluctantly removed all of his clothes.

Jason removed Mike's chastity belt. Then he grabbed a few lengths of chain, a blindfold, some locking leather cuffs, and a few padlocks from the gear storage area. He locked the cuffs on Mike's wrists and ankles, blindfolded him, placed a few layers of mats on the floor, then picked Mike up off the floor and set him down straddling the wooden horse with his feet on the mats. The mats were stacked low enough to make things pretty uncomfortable for Mike, but not so low that he would have his full weight sitting on the torturous edge.

Wooden Horse

Jason then proceeded to chain Mike's cuffed hands to each other after looping the chain over a beam above him. Then he did the same with his feet, so he couldn't lift them up over the wooden horse that he was now straddling.

Wooden Horse

Chad: "Pledge Mike, you will get 30 minutes on the wooden horse, per pledge Dan's request. Your feet will remain slightly elevated on those mats, as long as you cooperate. If not, we'll start taking away layers, forcing you to sit lower on that horse more and more."

Wooden Horse

Mike immediately started struggling, realizing just how harsh the wooden horse torture could be. He went up on his toes, but could only stay up there for so long. Then he slowly lowered himself down onto the unforgiving edge of the horse.

Jason: "Now that we have you in a compromising position, pledge Mike, we have a few questions to ask you. First, who decided it was a good idea to snoop down here?"

Mike: "Dan told you, it was all his idea."

Jason: "Somehow, I don't believe you, pledge. Chad, I think it's time to remove a layer from under his feet."

Chad pulled out one of the layers under Mike's feet, forcing him to choose between going up on his toes a bit, or putting more of his weight on the edge of the horse.

Wooden Horse

Jason: "Try again pledge. I want the truth!"

Mike: "Sorry Sir, I told you the truth. Um, ok, Dan had the idea, and I went along with it which I shouldn't have. I should have told him that we shouldn't be snooping through the frat house."

Jason: "Chad, another layer."

Now Mike had to stand even higher on his toes to avoid resting his full weight on the torturous edge of the horse.

Wooden Horse

Mike: "Ok ok, please don't take away any more mats. This thing is torture! Please get me off of it Sir!"

Jason: "Talk!"

Mike: "If you get me off of this, I'll tell you whatever you want to know."

Jason: "That's not how this works, pledge. Chad, another layer."

Mike: "No no no, please no! I'll talk! I'll talk!"

Jason: "Talk, pledge!"

Mike: "Ok, it was my idea to come down here. I was just really curious."

Jason: "Silly pledge, haven't you ever heard the phrase, ' the pledge tortured'?"

Mike: "No."

Jason: "Of course you haven't, that's because until recently, you haven't been in the Alpha Beta Kinky frat house."

Mike: "Um, what do you mean by that?"

Jason: "That's what the K stands for dufus, if you're on the inside. Now you know. And right now, we've sort of made pledge Dan here your Alpha...since he decided what your punishment would be."

Mike: "So that's why you kept bringing up the K in the frat name, like it had some other meaning?"

Jason: "Yep, exactly!"

Mike: "Could you please let me off of this thing now? My dick and balls are pressed up against the top edge of this thing."

Jason: "So stand higher on your toes."

Mike: "But my calves are killing me Sir! Please let me down!"

Jason: "Nope. It's called punishment for a reason, and your punishment will last 30 minutes, like your buddy Dan here wanted it to last. You'll deal with it for the remaining 14 minutes."

Mike: "Could you at least put the other mats back under my feet Sir?"

Jason: "Nope. They were removed as part of your interrogation, to make you talk. If you had told me what I wanted to know sooner, you wouldn't be standing so high on your toes right now, or slamming your ass down on that extremely uncomfortable edge every few seconds."

Mike spent the reminder of the 30 minutes struggling, more and more over time to keep his ass, dick, and balls off of the torturous edge of the wooden horse. Then finally, his hands and feet were unchained and he was pulled off the horse.

Chad: "Pledge Dan, now it's your turn."

Chad removed his handcuffs.

Chad: "Get those clothes off and get over here."

Dan slowly pulled his clothes off, knowing what was coming. There wasn't much he could do about it, and he thought it would be best to not resist or he'd face harsher punishment. Chad put pledge Dan through the same treatment, with one minor difference. Mike had started with several mats under his feet, then had a few removed in his interrogation, but still had a few mats remaining under his feet. Chad lifted pledge Dan up and put him down straddling the wooden horse, with NO mats under his feet. Then he chained his cuffed hands and feet together.

Wooden Horse

Chad: "Pledge Dan, you gave your buddy Mike here a punishment that wasn't nearly harsh enough. Therefore, your punishment will be doubled, and intensified. You will get 60 minutes on the wooden horse, but you will have no mats to stand on. I suggest you stand up high on your toes pledge, or things will get really uncomfortable for you really fast! Maybe next time when we tell you to come up with an appropriate punishment for your buddy, you'll take it more seriously."

Dan immediately start struggling. He shifted from being up high on his toes, to leaning toward one foot and lifting the other off the floor, then the same in the opposite direction. There was no way to prevent most of his weight plunging down on the diabolical edge of the wooden horse. Then he had an idea. He didn't know how long he would get away with it for, but he was desperate...even for a moment of relief. He figured he could just lift one foot up really high and pull it over to the other side, giving him at least temporary relief from this torture.

Wooden Horse

But he quickly realized that wasn't going to work either. The chain between his ankles was too short. Jason and Chad had thought of everything to prevent this no mercy torture from ending, until they decided to end it. He was stuck there for 60 minutes. A full 60 minutes of struggling, panting, standing as high up on his toes as possible, and still dealing with the relentless wooden edge that he was forced to straddle.

35 minutes later

Dan (still struggling): "Come on guys, let me off of this thing!"

Chad: "Are you wishing you would've come up with a more appropriate punishment for your buddy Mike now?"

Dan: "No. Come on, this is bullshit!"

Chad: "If I were you, pledge, I'd keep your mouth shut."

Dan: "I'm serious, it is bullshit! I can't keep myself up off this edge much longer!"

Jason: "Too bad pledge. It's called punishment because it's not supposed to be fun, or comfortable. Deal with it."

Dan: "Fucking assholes!"

Jason and Chad ignored Dan's remark, for now.

20 minutes later

Chad and Jason removed the chains that were securing Dan to the wooden horse. Then as Chad held him in place, Jason locked his dick in chastity.

Fratboy Locked in Chastity

Jason: "This starts your one week in chastity, pledge. You pledges will soon realizes that silence is NOT an option in this frat when a brother asks you a question."

Then they immediately strong-armed him over to the pillory. Dan's hands were quickly locked in the holes designed for them, followed by his head just above them. His feet were locked in other slots which were positioned further back near the floor level. Then the pillory planks locking head and hands in were lowered and locked in place at a point where Dan had to remain bent over pretty low, in a position that would prove to get uncomfortable pretty quickly.

Chad: "I warned you, pledge, to keep your mouth shut. But you kept mouthing off. So since you didn't want to keep your mouth shut, now we're going to keep it open...just like you were doing before."

Dan looked confused.

Chad: "Ready to suck dick?"

Dan: "Fuck no!"

Chad: "Ok then. We'll keep your mouth open another way until you're ready to suck dick."

Chad grabbed the open-mouth gag and strapped it on Dan, locking it behind him.

Chad: "When you're read to suck dick, snap your fingers on your left hand twice. But if you do that and you aren't ready to take dick in your mouth, you won't like what happens pledge!"

For the next 15 minutes, Dan struggled in the pillory. He tried to shake the boards. He tried to reach the padlocks, as if he was going to be able to do anything even if he could reach them.

Fratboy Locked in Stocks

He tried many things, but nothing could escape the ungiving wood planks that held his head, hands, and even his feet in place. His back soon started to get tired, and he quickly realized that he needed to comply or he wouldn't last in the pillory. So he snapped his finger twice to signal to Chad that he was ready. Chad removed the gag.

Chad: "Ready to suck dick, pledge?"

Dan: "I guess so."


Dan (reluctantly): "Yes Sir."

Chad: "Jason, go upstairs and make a sign-up sheet, then go around the frat and see who wants their dick sucked. First come, first served. If this pledge doesn't want to shut his mouth when he's told, then he's going to have it open and full of cock for a while."

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