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Nice, and nice addition of the collar connected to the top of the spreader bar. And just how long did you last in that one, and how did you end up getting out of it? Was it an interrogation or similar type of challenge, or more of just a safe word and you were let out...that kind of thing?

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Chastity sub Bound to Cage Vibrating WandAgain, boy cannot realize how lucky he is. Thanks for sharing
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Lucky, lucky slave

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Have been in that last position. It looks quite simple but is as tough as hell after just a short time. Collar connected to the top of the spreader too, just for extra sport....

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To please the coach is all that matters. To be in chastity ans edged would be ecstacy.

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Story Saturday: Pledging the Frat, Chapter 16

Just as Dan was finishing up the last set of pits, they heard the door open. It was pledge Ben.

Ben: “Whaaat the fuuuck is this?”

Jason: “What are you doing down here, pledge?”

Ben: “This is fucked up! What are you doing to Dan?”

Chad walked over and closed the door, then locked it using a key from the inside. Now Ben was trapped inside the basement dungeon with pledge Dan and the others.

Chad: “Pledge Ben. You dare walk into this room uninvited and without permission? Without even knocking on the door first?”

Ben: “What the fuck are you guys doing to Dan?”

Chad removed Dan’s blindfold.

Chad: “Pledge Dan, look pledge Ben in the eyes and tell him what we’ve been doing to you, and why.”

Dan bowed his head down. Maybe it was because he was already completely humiliated from this punishment, and the thought of explaining what he just went through to another pledge was only increasing that degrading feeling. Or maybe it was partly because this punishment had him exhausted, and almost every muscle in his body was aching. Either way, Dan chose to say nothing.

Chad walked over to Dan, lifted his chin up with his hand, and looked him in the eye with those piercing eyes that Chad was known to have.

Chad: “Talk! Unless you want to go another round? Shall I have the frat resume their hard workouts?”

Dan: “No Sir, I’m sorry Sir, I’ll talk. Uh…Ben, I’m here because I walked in on Mike’s punishment.”

Chad: “More, pledge. Elaborate!”

Dan: “Well, the brothers were making Mike do burpees naked in front of them because he missed one of his madatory workouts. I walked in when this was going on.”

Chad: “You JUST walked in, pledge?”


Chad: “Jason, go upstairs and tell the frat to resume working out, even harder than before. Maybe this time pledge Dan here needs to do a bit more thorough cleaning for them.”

Dan: “No no, I’m sorry Sir, I’m really really sorry, this is just…really, really humiliating. I’m trying, it’s just hard to talk about this to one of my buddies. Please give me another chance!”

Chad: “Consider it part of your punishment, pledge. Don’t you want your buddy to learn from your mistakes? Start talkin pledge, and don’t leave ANY details out!”

Dan: “Yes Sir. So I walked in, and I asked what they were doing to Mike.”

Chad: “And? How did you say it?”

Dan: “I was rude when I said it, very rude.”

Dan saw the look in Chad’s eyes. If those eyes could talk, he knew they’d be saying, “Explain what your rudeness and your cocky mouth deserved, and what you got.”

Dan (legs starting to shake in his predicament even more than before): “Uh…and it was so rude, that I deserved to be punished like this. The brothers were trying to teach me a lesson in self-control.”

Spiked Bondage Stool Predicament

Ben: “How is all of this a lesson in self-control?”

Jason: “Tell him exactly how this has taught you self-control, pledge. Unless you haven’t learned that lesson yet and we need to help you out with that a bit more?”

Dan: “Well see, I can’t stand up all the way because they’ve got my balls tied down through the hole in this stool behind me. And if I sit down, I’ll be sitting on those painful spikes. Sometimes I even end up partially sitting on my balls if I’m not careful, and it’s really difficult to position myself to sit down without sitting on my balls. As they tightened my balls up more and more, that became more difficult. So I have to control my body to stand up partially without standing up all the way, and without sitting down on the painful spikes. They really are torture!”

Chad: “AND? You left out the part that your tongue handled.”

Dan (bowing head down out of extreme humiliation): “And…uh…um…they made me lick their armpits right after they worked out.”

Ben: “But why did they do all of this?”

Dan: “Well, because I…basically did exactly what you just did. I walked in and stuck my nose in their business when I shouldn’t have.”

Bens eyes widened as he slowly stepped back, he wasn’t sure what to expect now. But he could go nowhere. Chad had the door locked with a key from the inside.

Chad: “Tell Ben what you were about to do when he came into the room and interrupted us.”

Dan: “Uhh, I was about to apologize for what I did.”

Chad: “Go ahead. Your friend Ben here can listen to your apology and see what he thinks of it.”

Dan: “I’m sorry, Chad and Jason, for butting in on Mike’s punishment for missing his workout. It was wrong and I shouldn’t have done it.”

Chad: “Are you done with your apology?”

Dan: “Um, I think so.”

Chad: “Pledge Ben, do you think pledge Dan’s apology was genuine, and good enough considering his offense?”

Ben: “Yeah, and I think you need to let him out of that now.”

Chad: “First off, I don’t need to do anything. Secondly, I don’t take orders from a pledge. Now apologize for your insolence, pledge.”

Ben: “Sorry.”

Chad: “That’s better. So you said you think pledge Dan’s apology was genuine? You think it was good enough to earn him release from his predicament?”

Ben: “Yeah, I do.”

Chad: “I don’t. But if you think it was good enough, it sounds like he deserved a reward in your mind. Is that right, pledge?”

Ben: “Yeah. So are you going to release him now?”

Chad: “Nope. First, you’re going to reward him, since you feel he deserves a reward.”

Just as quick as Chad said that, Jason came up behind Ben. Both Chad and Jason strongarmed Ben and blindfolded him, then they got his hands cuffed behind his back, pushed him down to his knees in front of Dan, and tied his legs so he couldn’t stand up.

Chad: “It’s time to reward your buddy.”

Ben: “What do you mean?”

Chad: “You’re gonna suck his dick.”

Ben: “Fuck no I’m not!”

Chad: “Put up a fight, and trust me pledge, you WILL be sorry!”

Jason put his hand on the back of Ben’s head and pushed it forward while using his other hand to pry open his mouth.

Jason: “Open up and suck his dick, NOW PLEDGE!”

Ben finally complied, realizing he didn’t have much choice in the matter.

Bound Dick Sucking

Chad: “By the way, pledge Dan, you do not have permission to cum.”

Dan: “Yes Sir.”

Chad: “And pledge Ben, you do not have permission to pull off of Dan’s dick until we tell you to.”

Within about 2 minutes, Dan started squirming, pulling his dick slightly away from Ben’s mouth. He was starting to get close, but he knew better than to allow himself to cum. So he did everything in his power to think of things that would make his dick go down. He failed that mission, but at least he was able to prevent his rock hard cock from cumming.

15 minutes later

Chad: “Pledge Ben, you may stop sucking pledge Dan’s dick now.”

Ben pulled off of Dan’s dick.

Ben: “Good, that was fucked up!”

Ben spit on the floor to the side of him, 3 times. He was trying to get the taste of cock out of his mouth.

Chad: “Did we say you could spit?”

Ben: “I just couldn’t stand the taste of dick in my mouth.”

Chad: “How would you like the taste of Dan’s cum in your mouth?”

Ben: “I wouldn’t.”

Chad: “You do realize I could make you suck Dan off right now, and swallow his load, right pledge?”

Ben: “Come on, don’t do that!”

Chad: “Yes or no pledge?”

Ben: “Yes, I realize that. Sorry.”

Chad: “Just to make sure you don’t forget…”

Chad put one fist around the base of Dan’s cock and balls. Then he put his other hand on the back of Ben’s head, and forced his head down on Dan’s cock all the way to his balls.

Chad: “LICK!”


Chad: “Give Dan’s balls a lick. You’re not coming up off his dick til you do.”

Ben reached his tongue out as far as he could, and gave Dan’s balls a quick lick.

Chad pulled his head mostly off his dick, then thrusted it back down again.

Chad: “Again, lick!”


Ben reached his tongue out again and licked.


Chad pulled his head back off, then back down once again.


Ben did everything he could to reach his tongue out while Dan’s dick was filling his mouth and lick his balls, without gagging. He thought if he gagged again, this would never end. He was finally successful.

Chad pulled his head completely off of Dan’s dick.

Chad: “Now you’ve got the taste of Dan’s sweaty balls on your tongue too. Anything to say pledge?”

Ben (trying to catch his breath): “I’m sorry Sir, I really am.”

Chad: “Spit in front of us without permission again and I’ll see to it that your mouth is filled with a full cup of frat boy jizz by the end of the night!”

Ben (with a disgusted look on his face): “Sorry Sir.”

Chad: “Now, pledge, you’ve got a decison to make. You walked in here uninvited, and you really should’ve have done that. So you’re either going to trade places with your buddy Dan here, or you can choose to get fucked by me or Jason. If you get fucked, the only lube you’ll get is your own spit, from suckin the dick first. Now which is it gonna be?”

Ben: “What? How about neither?”

Chad: “You have 5 minutes to decide. If you don’t beg us for one within the next 5 minutes, you’ll get both.”

Ben: “Are you serious?”

Chad: “Times a wastin pledge!”

With only 12 seconds left, as Chad and Jason started counting down, “15, 14, 13…”, Ben finally made a decision.

Ben: “I don’t want to get fucked by anybody! I guess I’ll trade places with Dan then.”

Chad: “Ok then. Jason…”

Jason and Chad worked to get Dan down, then immediately put Ben in a similar predicament.

Bondage Wall Predicament

They positioned the vibrating wands using the adjustable wand holders, similar to the way they had them setup for Dan, then Chad turned the rear wand on.

Vibrating Wand Teasing

But they wanted to add a few special twists. It would be rather boring for the frat brothers to do exactly what they did to Dan. So after cranking Ben’s balls down a bit, Ben sitting down on the spiked mat and letting out an “Ouch!”, not realizing he had any other option at the time, they took a thick rubber band and wrapped it around the head of the front vibrating wand, then lifted the rubber band and put the head of Ben’s dick under it. This effectively help his dick in place to be constantly stimulated by the wand. Then the front wand was turned on low, for now.

Spiked Bondage Stool Edging Predicament

Ben: “Come on man, that’s gonna make me cum!”

Chad: “If you cum, it’ll be the last time you cum for quite a while. You will NOT cum in our presence without permisson.”

Ben: “What do you mean by that?”

Chad: “If you cum without permission, your dick will be locked in chastity for at least a week. That means you will have zero access to your cock. You won’t be able to jerk it, touch it, even rub it up against something. When we lock it up, we mean business. So I suggest you hold back and make damn sure you don’t cum. Oh, and if you’re wonderingwhat that’s like, ask your buddy Mike. He’s VERY familiar with how that feels.”

Jason and Chad laughed.

Ben: “Then you have to turn this vibrating thing off!”

Chad grabbed Ben’s chin and turned his head toward him.

Chad: “What did I tell you before? I don’t have to do anything. Got that pledge?”

Ben: “Yes Sir.”

Chad: “And just for tryin to bark orders at me, I’m turning the wand up higher.”

Chad rotated the dial on the wand. He turned it up to about 50% power. Ben immediately began breathing heavily, trying everything in his power not to cum. But Ben realized he had absolutely no power in this predicament, none.

Mike’s ordeal continues at PAS

Meanwhile…Mike was over at Phi Alpha Sigma, trying to get himself out of a different kind of predicament as the remotely controlled vibrating butt plug that was locked in his ass was activated by the Alpha Beta Kappa brothers when Mike didn’t return after his classes.

Mike started licking Tyler’s dick, starting at the base and licking all the way up the shaft, over and over again.


Mike was startled and his body jerked a bit.

Tyler: “What was that?”

Mike: “Um…sorry Sir, I just had an itch.”

Tyler: “What the fuck pledge? Are you lying to me? An itch doesn’t make noise. I heard a buzzing sound.”

Mike (humiliated by what just happened): “Um, I don’t know Sir. May I please suck your awesome dick now Sir? I want to please you and I know I can make you feel really good by sucking you off. May I please suck you off now Sir?”

Tyler knew something was up, but he wasn’t sure what. But one thing was clear, Mike was suddenly very eager to do his duty and get out of there FAST!

Tyler: “I don’t know pledge. I’m not quite convinced that you really want my dick in your mouth.”


Mike (startled once again by the vibrations deep in his ass): “I do Sir, I really do. Please let me suck your dick Sir. I can’t wait to please you Sir.”

Tyler started realizing there was something vibrating. He still didn’t exactly know what it was, but he was determined to fuck with Mike until he got a confession.

Tyler: “Actually, pledge, I’m gonna have to get going after we’re done here. Just to make sure I’m not late, I want to have my sneakers close by. See them over there in that room?”

Tyler pointed to a spot pretty far from where Mike was on his hands and knees.

Mike: “Yes Sir.”

Tyler: “Go get my sneakers for me and bring them to me. You will crawl over there, and your hands will not touch my sneakers.”

Mike: “Um, how do you want me to bring them do you Sir?”

Tyler: “You seem to have quite a mouth on you pledge. Use it.”


Mike: “Yes Sir.”

Mike started crawling away from Tyler toward the other room where his sneakers were, when he was startled even more by another sensation in his ass.


The Alpha Beta Kappa brothers decided to whip up a new pattern for the vibrating butt plug that was locked in Mike’s ass. And Mike was now feeling the effects of it and it’s heightned intensity.

Remote Controlled Vibrating Butt Plug

Mike began crawing faster.


The vibrations in his ass were relentless. They continued to occur about every 30 seconds now.

Mike hurried up and fetched Tyler’s sneakers with his mouth, then crawled back to Tyler.


Tyler: “Wow, I really heard that one! Wanna tell me what that noise is yet, pledge?”

Mike: “Um…um, I don’t now Sir. Can I suck your dick now, Sir?”

Tyler: “Sure pledge, open up!”

Mike wasted no time going down on Tyler’s dick, wanting to get it over with and get back to the frat house, hoping the brothers would then turn the plug off and it would be removed for the night.


He sucked Tyler’s dick the best he could, trying to get him off.

Tyler: “Deeper, pledge.”

Mike tried to go down deeper.



Mike couldn’t take much more of this. The torturous vibrating plug in his ass was driving him into a horny frenzy that was out of his control.

Tyler continued to taunt him.

Tyler: “Keep suckin pledge. You’ve got a long way to go before I shoot my load down your throat.”

As much as Mike was disgusted by the thought of that, his mouth and ass were in a war against each other. His constantly teased ass was telling his mouth, “Suck, suck faster, such harder!”


He could hold back no longer when suddenly Mike shot a load like never before. It was immediately obvious to Tyler since he could see Mike’s cum dripping down his legs from inside the chastity belt, and Mike immediately smelled like his own jizz.

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