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Nice, and nice addition of the collar connected to the top of the spreader bar. And just how long did you last in that one, and how did you end up getting out of it? Was it an interrogation or similar type of challenge, or more of just a safe word and you were let out...that kind of thing?

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Chastity sub Bound to Cage Vibrating WandAgain, boy cannot realize how lucky he is. Thanks for sharing
Posted by Bondagebuddy2 06/19/2022 - 16:59
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Lucky, lucky slave

Posted by Bondagebuddy2 06/19/2022 - 16:56
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Have been in that last position. It looks quite simple but is as tough as hell after just a short time. Collar connected to the top of the spreader too, just for extra sport....

Posted by cbr998 06/19/2022 - 14:58
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To please the coach is all that matters. To be in chastity ans edged would be ecstacy.

Posted by footsoldier 06/19/2022 - 12:39
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Story Saturday: Pledging the Frat, Chapter 20

Chad: “I think you both need a little more motivation. Jason, put this parachute ball stretcher around Ben’s balls. Then tie it off with a bungee cord to a dowel below. Not too tight, yet.”

Jason did as Chad suggested. This limited Ben’s movement even more. He could no longer pull his ass away from Jason’s hard cock even a little bit, at least not without stretching his balls more.

Bondage Stool CBT Predicament

Chad: “Jared, I’m putting you in control of your buddy Ben here. If he’s not doing a good enough job sucking your dick, you just ask Jason here to stretch his balls down a little more to punish him for slacking off on your blowjob. That should start to motivate him real quick.”

Jared: “But, I can’t do that to my buddy.”

Chad (as he handcuffs Jared’s hands behind his back): “Oh, I almost forgot about YOUR motivation. You have 15 minutes to cum in your buddy’s mouth. If you don’t, you’ll be walking in his shoes after he’s fucked a second time. Got it?”

Jared: “WHOA! You aren’t serious…?”

Chad: “I’m very serious.”

Jason took his position behind Ben’s exposed ass.

Jason: “Beg me to lube up my cock and fuck you, pledge.”

Ben: “No way! Why would I beg you to do that when I REALLY don’t want you to?”

Jason: “Ok then, you’ll get fucked dry.”

Ben: “WHAT? Noo! Please don’t do that!”

Jason: “Well then?”

Ben: “Ok ok, please lube your cock A LOT and um, then fuck me Sir.”

Jason: “Hmm, I don’t think so. That option is off the table now.”

Ben: “What do you mean?”

Jason: “The option for lube.”

Ben: “Please no, please use lube!”

Jason: “You want lube? Now you’re going to have to provide the lube.”

Jason walked over to Ben’s mouth.

Jason: “Move over pledge. Time for my dick to go in his mouth.”

Jared stepped to the side and Jason took his place.

Jason: “You want my dick lubed before I shove it deep in your hole? Lube it up.”

Ben looked puzzled.

Jason: “With your MOUTH, pledge! You’ve got 30 seconds to lube it up as good as you want it lubed before it goes in your ass. That means you’re going to have to treat my dick like it’s your last meal, slobbering all over it. If I get bored sooner, I’ll pull out and shove it deep in your ass. Got it?”

Ben: “Yes Sir.”

Without hesitation, Ben opened his mouth wide to accept Jason’s cock. He sucked it good. He sucked it deep. He slobbered all over Jason’s knob, making sure not an inch was left dry.

30 seconds later

Jason: “Time’s up pledge. I hope you did a good enough job, or your ass will hate you in a minute.”

He turned to Jared.

Jason: “Your turn, pledge. Have at it!”

Jared immediately started thrusting his dick in and out of Ben’s mouth. He was trying desperately to get hard, even though he had never had his dick in another guy’s mouth before. He really didn’t want to end up in Ben’s position, and he was determined to make sure that didn’t happen.

Jared: “Come on man, suck my dick. I don’t want to end up in your position.”

Ben: “I’m trying to.”

Jared: “Well you’re not trying hard enough. I’m not even hard yet.”

Ben: “How would you feel if you had another dude’s dick in your mouth man?”

Jared: “I don’t know, and I don’t want to know, so suck my dick better so I don’t have to find out.”

Chad grinned, knowing that his plan to use the pledges against each other was starting to work.

5 minutes later

Jared started thrusting his dick deeper into Ben’s mouth.

Ben: [GAG…GAG!]

Jared: “Come on Ben, I’m barely hard! If you don’t start sucking my dick better I’m never gonna cum in 15 minutes.”

Ben: “Fuck you man! I’m not exactly enjoying your huge fuckin cock in my mouth!”

Jared: “Well if you don’t start sucking it like you’re trying to get me off, I’m not gonna cum in time!”

Ben: “Too bad!”

Jared: “That’s it. Jason, can you crank his balls down some more?”

Jason: “Gladly!”


Jason cranked Ben’s balls down a few more notches.

Jared: “Now suck my dick right, or I’ll have him crank your nuts down even more!”

Ben: “Dude, come on! It’s me, your buddy!”

Jared: “Yeah, you’re my buddy who’s gonna suck me off so I don’t end up in your position.”

Ben paused just to show Jared he was still somewhat in control of the situation and didn’t have to jump right back into sucking Jared’s dick.

Jared: “SUCK!”

Suddenly Ben let his teeth scrape on Jared’s cock. Jared knew he was just trying to prove a point.

Jared: “Dude, watch your fuckin teeth!”

Ben: “You want your dick sucked, deal with what you get!”

Jared: “Jason, could you fuck him harder?”

Jason: “Definitely!”

Ben: “Jared, you asshole!”

Jared: “And deeper too. Could you fuck him harder and deeper? Like all the way in and all the way out on every thrust?”

Jason: “Yep!”

Jason started going in balls deep every time, making sure to make every thrust count.

Ben: “Owww! Fuck man!”

Jared: “I told you to do a better job suckin my dick. Serves you right!”

Finally, Ben started putting more effort into sucking his buddy Jared’s dick. He went down deeper. He sucked harder. He even kept his teeth out of the way.

5 minutes later

Jared was getting close. He started thrusting his dick deeper into Ben’s mouth. Ben gagged, then pulled his mouth off of Ben’s cock.

Ben: “Damn man! I’m done. This is fucked up! I’m not sucking your dick anymore.”

Jared: “You WILL suck it Ben!”

Jared was becoming pretty demanding as a pledge, demanding to Ben anyway, since Chad had given him that power over him.

Ben: “Fuck no dude, I’m done!”

Jared: “Jason, could you tighten his balls down as low as they can go so every move his ass makes yanks his nuts? Then fuck him hard, deep, and as fast as you can?”

Jason: “Will do!”

Bondage Stool CBT Predicament

As soon as Jason tightened Ben’s balls down as far as they could go, he shoved his cock deep in Ben’s ass. Jared could hear the “SMACK!” against Ben’s ass, and he knew Ben would suffer now more than ever before.

Ben: “Owww, FUCK! Come on dude!”

Jared: “Suck my dick and get me off dude!”

Ben: “But my nuts are getting yanked constantly!”

Jared: “Too fuckin bad, that’s what you get! You should’ve gotten me off already.”

Ben: “Loosen my nuts and I’ll try harder.”

Jared: “No way dude, you had your chance. They stay tightened down til you get me off. Once I cum in your mouth, I’ll ask Jason to let your nuts up, not before.”

Jared: “Jason, how much control do I have here?”

Jason: “What do ya mean?”

Jared: “I mean is it just control over him sucking my dick, or can I make him do other things, like for any of you?”

Jason: “You can order whatever you want for him, until your 15 minutes is up.”

Jared: “Ok, great! Ben, either suck my dick right and get me off, or I’ll have you throat fucked by this entire frat! Here’s a little sample for ya. Jason, can you keep up the punishment fucking, hard, fast, and deep, until I let you know to slow down?”

Jason: “Yep.”

Jared immediately shoved his dick in Ben’s mouth all the way, all 9.5 thick inches.


Jared: “Want it again? Or are you gonna suck me off now?”

Ben tried to pull back off of Jared’s cock, and Jared gagged him with his cock even harsher, 3 times in a row.


Jared: “Last chance Ben. Either you start sucking good enough to get me off in the next few minutes, or I’ll just throat fuck you like that til I cum.”

Ben immediately started sucking Jared’s dick much more enthusiastically. He sucked hard. He got his tongue lapping around the head. He even went down deeper, figuring going down a little deeper was much better than being throat fucked.

The timer within Jared’s view showed 14:30. Only 30 seconds remained, or Jared was in a world of trouble for not being able to make Ben get him off.

Jared continued thrusting his dick in and out of Ben’s mouth, deeper, almost deep enough to gag him.

Jared: “Suck harder or get gagged with it, your choice buddy!”

Ben sucked it real good, slacking every few seconds.

Jared: “Jason, he’s still slackin off a bit, keep pounding his hole relentlessly.”

Jason: “Got it.”


Jared: “I’m…gonna…cum…”


Jared: “Ben don’t fuckin slow down now! Keep sucking!”


Jared: “Ahhh! I’m cumming! Ahhhhhh! Swallow it all!!!”

Chad: “Great performance, pledges. But unfortunately for you Jared, you didn’t cum cum in Ben’s mouth within 15 minutes.”

Jared: “But it was within seconds of that!”

Chad: “15 minutes is 15 minutes. You shot in Ben’s mouth at 15:05. Jason, let’s reverse their positions.”

Chad and Jason quickly released Ben from his predicament bent over the stool, then put Jared in the same predicament.

Chad: “We pitted you pledges against each other and Jared lost that challenge. So now we’re going to let you add something to this Ben. I’m sure you have revenge on the mind right about now. Pledge, what would you like to add?”

Ben: “What are my options?”

Chad: “Anything you see in this room.”

Ben looked around the room to see what was available to him. He saw many things, some of which he knew the uses of, some of which he could only imagine how they could be used, and some he had no idea what they were for. He pointed to what looked like a scissor jack for a car, but it had a long cylindrical steel object sticking out the top of it, in the center.

Ben: “What’s that?”

Chad: “That can be used in a few different ways. See these?”

Chad pointed at a collection of Vac-u-lock dildos.

Chad: “These dildos mount on top of that steel piece that sticks out the top of the jack. Then it either gets positioned under a pledge’s ass and slowly driven into his hole, or it can be similarly adapted for his mouth.”

Ben: “You mean, you can jack it into his mouth deeper and deeper?”

Chad: “Yep, that’s exactly what I mean. Sounds like someone is thinking about revenge for being gagged so much.”

Ben: “That’s exactly what I’m thinking. But I’m guessing it can’t be used the way Jared is currently restrained?”

Chad: “Actually…”

Chad pointed to the hole in the middle of the stool.

Chad: “See this hole right here?”

Ben: “Yeah.”

Chad: “The jack can be mounted right underneath it, then the dildo comes up through the hole. All we would need to do is move Jared back a bit. Then once he’s partially impaled on the dildo, he ain’t going anywhere.”

Jared looked up at Ben.

Jared: “You asshole! Don’t you fucking dare!”

That comment was all the convincing Ben needed.

Ben (with a sadistic grin): “Great, can we do that then?”

Chad: “Yep, it’ll only take a minute to setup.”

Jason pulled Jared back a bit on the stool. He used a sort length of chain and the collar he put on Jared to secure his mouth in a position that forced him to face down. Then he grabbed the dildo jack and quickly mounted it on the dowels under the seat of the stool.

Bondage Stool Predicament

Jason: “So this is basically how it will look. But we still need to mount the dildo. Which dildo would you like to use? This one is 8 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter. Or this one here is 10 inches long and 2 inches in diameter, which would be closer to Jared’s dick that he was fucking your mouth with. Actually it’s longer and thicker than his dick, but payback’s a bitch, right?”

Ben: “Can we start with the 8 inch dildo, then switch to the 10 inch later if I feel like he deserves it?”

Jason: “Certainly! It only takes about 30 seconds to switch them, so not a problem.”

Ben: “And could you shorten that chain a bit? I want him to really know what it feels like to be constantly gagged with a big cock.”

Jason: “Sure.”

Jason unhooked the chain, mounted the 8 inch dildo on the jack, then pulled Jared’s head down with his mouth only partially impaled by the dildo. Then he secured the chain so Jared would have even less room to lift his head up.

Bondage Stool Predicament

Jason: “Jared, now that your mouth is full and you can’t protest, I should tell you that after this ordeal, your dick will also be locked in chastity. Now, Ben, who would you like to fuck Jared while you control the dildo jack in his mouth? And which chastity device would you like him locked in? We have the Jail House, the Bird Cage which allows more room to grow, the Master Series, and the CB-6000 which is plastic and not as secure.”

Mike’s new rules

Chad: “Nah, we don’t think you’re lying.”

Mike (with a sigh of relief): “Good.”

Chad: “We KNOW you’re lying! While you were away being a bad pledge, we interrogated your friend Dan here. He didn’t want to tell us anything, but a little cockhead torture went a long way. By the second round of milking his cock followed by immediate post-orgasm torture, he was singin like a canary. So we know you were seen heading away from school after class, but you weren’t headed in this direction.”

Mike (muttering under his breath): “That fucking asshole!”


Mike: “Ahhhhh, come on, I can’t take much more of this in my ass guys!”

Chad: “Too bad. Now tell us where you were, pledge!”

Mike: “I’m sorry, I just can’t.”

Chad: “Ok then. Every day for the next week, you’ll be giving 2 blowjobs or getting fucked once. You must choose one, and beg someone to either fuck you or allow you to suck their dick, in front of the entire frat. If the service isn’t acceptable or you’re uncooperative in either case, whoever fucks you or gets sucked by you will be letting you know the next day when you’re in your classes.”

Mike: “Come on, I really can’t suck dick anymore.”

Chad: “Then you’re choosing to get fucked 7 times this week?”

Mike: “No! Definitely not. Wait, they’ll let me know while I’m in my classes? What do you mean?”

Chad: “It’s either 2 blowjobs or you’re getting fucked once, each and every day for the next week. You’ll have 1 minute to choose each day when asked. If you don’t choose, You’ll be fucked while you give both blowjobs, until you have a mouth full of cum each time.”

Mike: “Um, *sigh*, yes Sir.”

Chad: “We’re not done yet. If you deliver poor service, you’ll also be required to wear a speedo to class the next day. Poor service could mean you didn’t give a proper blowjob, or you didn’t get the guy off, or that you fought him when he was fucking you, or anything else we deem to be poor service. And if we text you while you’re in or out of class and you don’t do what we say immediately, you can expect your ass to pay the price.”

Mike: “My ass will pay the price? How?”

Chad: “We have a few options. I’ll let you think on that one tonight. And if you don’t figure it out, with your track record at this frat so far, I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough.”

Later that night

Chad: “Ok pledge, it’s time to deliver your daily services. Jake here has volunteered to be the recipient of your services today. Which is it gonna be? Two blowjobs, or an ass pounding?”

Chad started a timer.


Mike: “Um…Do I have to do either?”

Chad: “You know the rules. And I think Jake here would like it if you’d respectfully ask for it once you choose.”


Mike: “Can I at least see his dick first before I decide?”

Chad: “Sure, but you’re going to have to get on your knees and pull his dick out yourself.”


Mike got down on his knees and reached for Jake’s fly.

Chad grabbed Mike’s hands and pulled them behind his back.

Chad: “No pledge, mouth only!”


Mike looked up at Chad in disbelief.

Chad: “Yes, I’m serious, pledge. Better hurry, only 25 seconds left before we choose for you.”

Mike struggled to get into Jake’s fly with his mouth and pull his dick out. It was more difficult than he thought.


He finally got his fly open. Now he had to pull Jake’s dick out of his boxers. He tried using his teeth, but knew if he did so too aggressively Jake would feel teeth, and he knew the consequences for that would be harsh.


He continued to struggle, using his tongue to help pull Jake’s dick out of his boxers.

Finally, it was pulled out. It was semi-hard, but not fully hard, making it a defficult decision. It looked pretty thick already though, and Mike thought choosing to get fucked by Jake’s already thick cock would be a big mistake.


Finally, with no time remaining, Mike blurted out his answer.

Mike: “Ok ok, can I give you two blowjobs?”

Chad: “Just in time. Jake, please see to it that Mike here gives you two GOOD blowjobs to completion. I want you to rate each blowjob on a scale from 1-10. Pledge, we will be taking the average of the two ratings. If you average 9 or 10, then you’ve successfully completed your service for today. If you average 7 or 8, you’ll be wearing a speedo to class tomorrow. If you average 6, you’ll also be feeling some pretty intense vibrations in your ass at random times throughout the day tomorrow, including when you’re in class. And if you average 5 or below, we’ll be adding some Icy Hot to that vibrating butt plug. Is that understood?”

Mike: “Whoa, what?”

Chad: “Did I stutter, pledge?”

Mike: “Did you really mean all of that?”

Chad: “Yes, I meant all of it. Sounds like you’re having a hard time understanding the rules, pledge.”

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