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Nice, and nice addition of the collar connected to the top of the spreader bar. And just how long did you last in that one, and how did you end up getting out of it? Was it an interrogation or similar type of challenge, or more of just a safe word and you were let out...that kind of thing?

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Chastity sub Bound to Cage Vibrating WandAgain, boy cannot realize how lucky he is. Thanks for sharing
Posted by Bondagebuddy2 06/19/2022 - 16:59
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Lucky, lucky slave

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Have been in that last position. It looks quite simple but is as tough as hell after just a short time. Collar connected to the top of the spreader too, just for extra sport....

Posted by cbr998 06/19/2022 - 14:58
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To please the coach is all that matters. To be in chastity ans edged would be ecstacy.

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Story Saturday: Pledging the Frat, Chapter 19

If you need to catch-up on any previous chapters, you can do so by going to the new Story Saturday Directoryand clicking on the chapters you missed or would like to re-read.

Chad: “I told you to stop bitching, pledge. You persisted. You want sexual stimulation? Fine, we’ll give it to you. Choose which brother you want to fuck you right now.”

Ben: “What? No! I don’t want any brother to fuck me.”

Chad: “You have 5 minutes to choose one, or I’ll choose for you. And if I choose, I might not be able to make up my mind, so I might have to choose 2 brothers to fuck you instead. So I suggest you choose. Oh, and you’re going to beg that brother to fuck you hard and deep.”

Ben realized he was in another no-win situation. His only options were to choose a brother to fuck him, which would make it seem like he wanted it and would make the whole thing even more humiliating. To make matters worse, he was being required to beg the brother to fuck him “hard and deep”. But if he doesn’t choose, he gets fucked twice. There was no good option here, and no easy way out either.

4 minutes and 50 seconds later

Chad: “10 seconds until your double fucking, unless you choose now, pledge. 10…9…8…”

Ben: “Ok ok, I guess I want Jason to fuck me.”

Unlike pledge Mike, Ben hadn’t had a lot of experience with Jason. He hadn’t yet seen Jason’s dark side since Chad had mostly been taking the lead on punishing Ben.

Chad: “Ok pledge, now ask Jason nicely and respectfully to fuck you, and make sure it’s convincing.”

Ben: “Um, Jason, would you please fuck me?”

Chad: “Um, Jason, would you please fuck me??? Really pledge, you think that’s convincing?”

Chad decided to give him one more chance, without telling him. He waited for about 30 seconds, but Ben said nothing.

Chad: “Nothing to say pledge? No humble apologies for that half-assed begging? Not even gonna try to make it better?”


Chad: “Now you’re fucked!”

Jason: “You mean now he’s double fucked! Hahaha.”

Chad: “Yeah, I mean he kind of tried to do what we said, but not nearly good enough. Actually, I have a better idea.”

Jason: “I can’t wait to hear it!”

Chad: “Pledge, we’ll give you a chance to spare your ass, at least for one fucking. You’re still gonna get fucked by Jason.”

Ben: “What? I thought you just said you were gonna give me a chance to spare my ass!”

Chad: “You do realize, pledge, that I could have your hole pounded twice, right?”

Ben: “Um…”


Ben: “Yeah.”

Chad: “ANSWER ME PROPERLY PLEDGE, or I’ll have that hole pounded til you can’t walk!”

Ben: “Yes Sir, I realize you could do that Sir.”

Chad: “Good. And you do realize that I could have this entire frat fuck you, one by one, right pledge?”

Ben (with hesitation): “Uhhh…y…y…y-y-yes Sir.”

Chad: “But for now, I’ve decided to have your vulnerable ass abused just once.”


Chad: “Now would be a VERY good time to thank me for having you fucked, pledge.”

Ben: “Th-than-thank you Sir.”

Chad: “But that’s not the only hole of yours that will be used.”

Ben: “Wh-what do you mean Sir?”

Chad: “You’ll find out shortly. Jason…”

Jason and Chad moved Ben over to the bondage stool. They leaned him over the seat, cuffed his hands to steel eyebolts at the bottom of the stool, then cuffed his feet to steel eyebolts on the opposite side. Since the legs are longer than the arms, this conveniently forced him to thrust his vulnerable ass out behind him, as if it was screaming, “My ass is open for business. Please fuck me Sir!”

Bondage Stool Predicament

This position also exposed his ribs and armpits nicely. Chad motioned to Jason to go over on the other side of Ben, then they both started tickle torturing Ben’s exposed ribs and armpits. One hand in each pit, and one hand on his ribs on either side. Ben was squirming and thrashing around like never before, but he could do nothing to stop it.

Chad: “Figure out what I meant a minute ago pledge. Then you’re going to beg us to do it.”

Ben: “Ahahaha ahaaaa hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Please stoooooppppp!”

Chad: “This doesn’t stop til we hear you begging for more than just your ass to be used. We can keep this up all night.”

Ben: “NOOOO!!! All night? P-pl-please noooo!!!”

Chad and Jason continued their relentless assault on Ben’s ribs and armpits.

Ben: “Ok ok ok, please stop and I’ll say it!”

Chad: “Nope. We’re in control here, not you. This doesn’t stop until you convince us that you want more than your ass used.”

Ben: “Ahahah I’ll do whatever you want!”

Chad: “Hmm, that doesn’t sound specific enough to me, like he really wants it. What do you think Jason?”

Jason: “Nah, I don’t think he knows what he wants yet. Let’s keep going. Actually let’s kick it up a notch.”

With that, Jason reached down and started tickling Ben’s feet with one hand and kept the other hand attacking his ribs.

Ben: “N-no-n-n-noooo! Not the feet! P-please not the feet!”

Chad and Jason kept up their tickle torture assault showing absolutly no emotion or sympathy for Ben.“

Ben: "I’ll suck your dick, I’ll suck you dick! Is that what you want?”

Chad: “Is that what YOU want, pledge?”

Ben: “Well no, ahahaaaaa…”

Chad: “Ok, let’s keep going then.”

Ben: “Ok ok, yes, I want to suck your dick! Just please stop!”

Chad: “I’m not quite feeling it yet, are you Jason?”

Jason: “Nope.”

Chad: “Tell us about what your going to do with the dick in your mouth. I want details!”

Ben: “Haaahahaha. I’ll suck it. I’ll lick it. Aahahah. I want to make it feel real good.”

Jason: “How badly do you want a big cock in your mouth pledge?”

Ben: “Haaahaha. Badly! Haahahaaaha. Real badly! I want it sooo bad!”

Finally, Chad and Jason stopped the tickling assault.

Ben: “Whew! Thank you Sirs! I couldn’t take anymore of that!”

Chad: “Well Jason, he did say he wanted a BIG cock in his mouth. And I think we can make this even more humiliating on this pledge.”

Jason: “Yep, he did. Let’s think about this. Ben, remember the day we made all pledges drop their pants and measure up?”

Ben: “Yeah. I really hated doing that.”

Jason: “Maybe that’s because you weren’t so blessed in the dick department. Haha.”

Ben: “Fuck you!”

Chad and Jason immediately placed their fingers on Ben’s ribs.


Ben (trying to distract them from more tickling): “Oh no, I’m sorry Sirs. I’m really sorry, please let me suck dick Sirs.”

Chad: “That’s better. Now tell us, who was the most hung out of all pledges?”

Ben: “Um, I think Jared was.”

Chad: “Yep, he was. Guess whose dick you’re going to suck while Jason pounds your hole?”

Ben: “Oh come on, not Jared.”

Chad: “Yep. He’s got a 9.5 inch x 6 inch cock, and you’re going to be sucking EVERY inch of it today.”

Ben: “But Jared’s my friend. My best buddy.”

Chad: “Ex-actly! And unlike you, he’s been behaving himself. Call it our little system of punishments and rewards. Jared is gonna get an awesome blowjob, and I DO mean an awesome blowjob. And he’s going to get it from you.”

Ben: “Come on, you can’t make me suck my buddy’s dick.”

Jason: “Oh yes we can, pledge. We could even give your buddy some type of control over you if we want to. So quit while you’re ahead, and you’ll only have to give head. Hahaha.”

Jason headed upstairs to get pledge Jared.

Ben: “He would never go for that. I know him a lot better than you do.”

Chad: “We’ll see about that pledge. Sounds like a challenge. Just remember, we don’t take things back around here when it comes to adjusting a pledge’s attitude. So when you come to your senses later, don’t think you’re getting out of anything.”

Jason was just bringing Jared downstairs and into the basement dungeon.

Jared: “Whoa! What is all of this?”

Jason: “This is what your best buddy Ben here got himself into by letting his curiosity get himself into trouble. He came down here when he wasn’t supposed, and this is where he ended up. Things got progressively worse for him because of his attitude and failure to follow our orders.”

Jared had a scared look on his face, especially when Jason mentioned Ben getting into trouble for being in the basement.

Jason: “Don’t worry pledge, I brought you down here, so you’re fine. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow our orders, of course.”

Chad: “Of course. Now Ben here has gotten himself into quite a predicament. He’s about to get spitroasted.”

Jared: “What’s that?”

Chad: “That means both of his holes will be used at the same time. A dick in his mouth, and another in his ass. Since your cock is the biggest among all of the pledges, we thought you’d be the best candidate for a dick for him to suck. Since you’ve been good so far, we also thought maybe you deserved this as a little reward. And since you’re his best buddy, it adds another element of humiliation for Ben here, so it’s even better.”

Jared: “Thanks, but I really don’t want to.”

Chad (with his trademark even grin): “By candidate, I didn’t mean it was optional, pledge. Ben WILL BE sucking your dick. And trust me, we’re going to make sure you’re both into it.”

Jared: “But I don’t think I could even be into a dude sucking my dick.”

Chad: “Oh I think we’ve come up with a good way to take care of that problem. And if you don’t want to help your buddy out, we’ll just have every member of this frat fuck his vulnerable hole long into the night.”

Ben (desperate): “Please Jared, don’t let them do that to me…”

Chad: “Oh we can do it regardless, but we’re giving your buddy a one-time opportunity to help you out.”

Jared: “Ok, I’ll try it.”

Chad: “Good. Now stand by his head, drop your pants, and shove that big cock in his mouth. On second thought, stand back a bit and make Ben reach for it with his tongue first. Jason, ready?”

Jared looked over at Ben. Ben had just bowed his head even further down in humiliation. He couldn’t believe he was being forced to suck his best friend’s dick.

Bondage Stool Predicament

Jared stepped in front of Ben’s head, while Jason wasted no time in taking his position behind Ben’s vulnerable, waiting hole. He inserted his cock into Ben’s ass and started pushing in slowly, but picked up the pace pretty quickly.

Ben: “Owww! Please no! Ahhhhh! Please! It’s way too big!”

Jason: “Just be glad we’re not makin Jared fuck ya. Hahaha.”

2 minutes later

Chad: “Stop. Jared, pull your cock out of his mouth.”

Jared did as he was told.

Chad: “You’re not even fucking hard! And Ben, you’re clearly doing a piss poor job on that blowjob.”

Jared: “I told you I couldn’t get into this.”

Chad: “I think you both need a little more motivation. Jason, put this parachute ball stretcher around Ben’s balls. Then tie it off with a bungee cord to a dowel below. Not too tight, yet.”

Jason did as Chad suggested. This limited Ben’s movement even more. He could no longer pull his ass away from Jason’s hard cock even a little bit, at least not without stretching his balls more.

Bondage Stool CBT Predicament

Chad: “Jared, I’m putting you in control of your buddy Ben here. If he’s not doing a good enough job sucking your dick, you just ask Jason here to stretch his balls down a little more to punish him for slacking off on your blowjob. That should start to motivate him real quick.”

Jared: “But, I can’t do that to my buddy.”

Chad (as he handcuffs Jared’s hands behind his back): “Oh, I almost forgot about YOUR motivation. You have 15 minutes to cum in your buddy’s mouth. If you don’t, you’ll be walking in his shoes after he’s fucked a second time. Got it?”

Jared: “WHOA! You aren’t serious…?”

Chad: “I’m very serious.”

Mike’s arrives back at ABK

Jacob: “Oh, what’s that under your speedo dude? It looks kinda shiny, some kind of metal belt? Is that a chastity belt dude? Hahaha. Is your junk locked in chastity?”

Mike bowed his head down. No matter which direction he want in explaining this, it would be the most humiliating explanation he’s ever had to give anyone.

Mike: “Um, the brothers at my frat locked me in this chastity belt to punish me for a few things I did. Then a brother at another frat they sent me to, um…he made me suck his dick, and um…a little while after that I shot my load.”

Jacob: “WHOOOAAA, dude, you shot your load while you were suckin another dude’s cock? Haha. Hahahaha.”

Just when Mike didn’t think things could get any more humiliating…


The brothers of ABK had triggered the remotely controlled vibrating butt plug yet again.

Jacob (looking down at Mike’s pink speedo covered ass): “What the fuck was THAT? Haha.”

Mike: “Sorry, I really have to go so I don’t get into more trouble with my frat.”

Jacob was laughing his ass off as Mike continued home.

Meanwhile, at the Alpha Beta Kappa house

Chad: “Jason, that little fucker still isn’t back yet. He apparently thinks he can fuck around on our rules. Give me that phone.”

Jason passed the phone to Chad, the phone that controls the remotely controlled vibrating butt plug that was locked in Mike’s ass. Chad looked over the previous patterns that were being sent to Mike’ ass.

Chad: “Here’s the problem. Most of these patterns are too steady. He could potentially get used to them. The key to torturing a pledge’s ass with this device is to vary the pattern. Up, down, up really fast, down fast, up for a little longer, down, then right back up again. Those are the kinds of things that’ll really show that little fuck who’s in control around here.”

While Chad was talking, he was getting a new pattern ready.

Chad: “This one looks perfect!”

He sent the pattern to the vibrating plug locked in Mike’s ass.

Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

Chad: “Check this out Jason. So that’s the first part of the pattern I just sent. Then after a little bit, it does this.”

Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

Chad: “I figured the longer, more intense vibrations would get his attention and get his vibrating ass back here quicker. Then if that doesn’t do it, I went into super intense mode. The orange lines here mean the vibrations have entered an entirely new level of high inensity.”

Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

Mike starts walking faster

Mike was about 5 minutes away from the house when he felt the new vibrating pattern in his ass. This one he couldn’t possibly tune out, not even a little bit. He started walking faster. About a minute later, he felt the next phase of Chad’s plan…a steady, intense vibration for a few seconds without any let up, then it eased back down, only to immediately increase sharply again. Mike tried to walk even faster, but every time he felt the steady, intense vibration, he had to stop. At one point he crouched down on the ground. The plug was driving his violated ass insane!

Finally, Mike arrived back at ABK. Chad knew his new plan would get Mike home quickly, so he was waiting at the door for him while talking to Jason.

Chad: “Pledge, you’re late!”

Mike: “S-sorry Sir. I couldn’t help it. But I’m back now. Could you p-p-pleeeeeeze turn off this thing in my ass now?”

Chad: “Nope. Deal with it. It stays on until you convice us you were justified in coming home so late. Now start talkin!”

Mike: “Us?”

Chad grabbed Mike’s shoulders and turned him around so he could see the rest of the frat standing behind him.

Chad: “Yep, all of us. We’re going to take a vote on whether or not we believe your story. So I suggest you be 100% honest.”

Mike: “Um…I had to stay after class. It was a school thing. I couldn’t help it.”

Chad: “So that’s your story?”

Mike: “Yes Sir.”

Chad: “Brothers, let’s take a vote. Raise your hand if you think this pledge is lying.”

Every single brother in the room raised his hand. Mike’s eyes got wide. He couldn’t believe that EVERY single brother thought he was lying. He knew he was lying, but how could they possibly know?


Mike: “Ahhhh, fuuucck!”


The next phase of Chad’s pattern for the plug had just kicked in.

Mike: “What the fuck? Does this thing have a lie detector built-in or what??”

Chad: “Haha, no. I sent a specific program, and it will get progressively more intense until we get the truth out of you. So you admit you’re lying?”

Mike: “Um, no. I just thought you guys thought I was lying.”

Chad: “Nah, we don’t think you’re lying.”

Mike (with a sigh of relief): “Good.”

Chad: “We KNOW you’re lying! While you were away being a bad pledge, we interrogated your friend Dan here. He didn’t want to tell us anything, but a little cockhead torture went a long way. By the second round of milking his cock followed by immediate post-orgasm torture, he was singin like a canary. So we know you were seen heading away from school after class, but you weren’t headed in this direction.”

Mike (muttering under his breath): “That fucking asshole!”


Mike: “Ahhhhh, come on, I can’t take much more of this in my ass guys!”

Chad: “Too bad. Now tell us where you were, pledge!”

Mike: “I’m sorry, I just can’t.”

Chad: “Ok then. Every day for the next week, you’ll be giving 2 blowjobs or getting fucked once. You must choose one, and beg someone to either fuck you or allow you to suck their dick, in front of the entire frat. If the service isn’t acceptable or you’re uncooperative in either case, whoever fucks you or gets sucked by you will be letting you know the next day when you’re in your classes.”

Mike: “Come on, I really can’t suck dick anymore.”

Chad: “Then you’re choosing to get fucked 7 times this week?”

Mike: “No! Definitely not. Wait, they’ll let me know while I’m in my classes? What do you mean?”

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