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Nice, and nice addition of the collar connected to the top of the spreader bar. And just how long did you last in that one, and how did you end up getting out of it? Was it an interrogation or similar type of challenge, or more of just a safe word and you were let out...that kind of thing?

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Chastity sub Bound to Cage Vibrating WandAgain, boy cannot realize how lucky he is. Thanks for sharing
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Lucky, lucky slave

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Have been in that last position. It looks quite simple but is as tough as hell after just a short time. Collar connected to the top of the spreader too, just for extra sport....

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To please the coach is all that matters. To be in chastity ans edged would be ecstacy.

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Story Saturday: Pledging the Frat, Chapter 14

The other pledges all got their workouts in and monitored by a frat brother, except for Mike.

Jason: “Pledge Mike…I hear none of the brothers saw your workout today.”

Mike: “What do you mean? I did it.”

Jason: “Nobody saw you. And the rules clearly state, ‘A frat brother must witness your workouts, or they will not count.’, as you’re well aware.”

Mike: “Come on, I was so tired after a REALLY long night last night at Phi Alpha Sigma.”

Jason: “So you think that’s a good excuse to skip a workout?”

Mike: “I think it should be.”

Jason: “AND you just lied to me, telling me you did your workout when you didn’t?”

Mike lowered his head in silence.

Jason: “Report to the basement dungeon in 10 minutes, where the entire frat will watch you do 30 burpees, naked. If you aren’t there in 10 minutes, that vibrating plug in your ass will be turned on at random intervals for the next 24 hours straight.”

Mike: “Yes Sir.”

Jason turned to Chad.

Jason: “Let’s go round everyone up and get them in the basement. Non-pledges only, of course.”

Jason and Chad went around the house to let all of their frat brothers know about the event of the evening in the basement.

10 minutes later

All of the frat brothers were in the basement, and Mike finally was coming down the stairs.

Jason: “Pledge, strip!”

Pledge Mike slowly started removing all of his clothes.

Chad: “Faster pledge!”

Mike started picking up the pace, in fear of Chad’s diabolical mind coming up with additional punishments.

Chad: “That’s still too slow, pledge!”

Chad walked over to Jason and whispered in his ear…

Chad: “Hey, part of a burpee is a pushup, so he’ll be going down pretty low for that part…if he does them right. And I think we both know he will, or he’ll do them again. Why not put his mouth to good use while he’s down there?”

Jason: “What are you thinkin?”

Chad: “Well we want to make sure he does a proper push-up, right?”

Jason: “Yeah…”

Chad: “And that means he should go down pretty low, right?”

Jason: “I think I like where you’re going with this.”

Chad: “So why not make him deepthroat my cock every time he goes down?”

Jason: “Great idea!”

Chad turned toward pledge Mike.

Chad: “Pledge, you seemed to be taking your time there. Do you like taking your sweet time when following our orders?”

Mike: “Um…I don’t know.”

Chad: “Yes or no, pledge?”

Mike: “Um…no Sir.”

Chad: “Well I think you do. You sure show it a lot. Since you like taking your time so much, we’re going to make sure you take the time to get this right.”

Chad put a large towel on the floor and laid down on top of it, facing up.

Chad: “You will do 30 burpees. You will do them with perfect form. And just to make sure you don’t slack off, when you do the push-up part of the burpees, you will deepthroat my cock each and every time. If I don’t feel your tongue touch my balls on a single rep, you will start over and do 30 perfect, deepthroat burpees from that point. Understood?”

Mike: “Um…”


Mike: “Um…I don’t know what a burpee is.”

Jason: “Pledge, you had a full 10 minutes to get down here, and you used every bit of it. Are you telling me you didn’t quickly look up what a burpee is? You could’ve watched a video on them 20 times in a row in all the time you took to get your ass down here.”

Mike: “Um, sorry Sir. Can’t you just do a few to show me?”

Jason: “You want ME to do burpees in front of YOU, pledge?”

Mike: “How the fuck else am I supposed to know what to do?”

Chad: “PLEDGE, watch the attitude! I think it’s time for a lesson in using your time more wisely, like you should’ve been doing to prepare for your burpees punishment.”

Chad got up and brought a laptop over to Mike.

Chad: “We’ll allow you to lookup a burpees video online, like you should’ve been doing before you came down here. But you’ll have to buy time to do so by eating Jason’s ass. The current exchange rate is…3 minutes of ass eating per 1 minute of internet time. By the way, there are different kinds of burpees. The kind you’ll be doing includes a push-up at the end. We will need to approve the video before you start. Or, you could go with the altnernative of guessing what a burpee is, but I think that’ll put you in a pretty bad position because we’ll make you start over every time you fuck up. Now, how many minutes of internet time would you like to buy, pledge? Better buy enough time, never know when the exchange rate might go up if you need more time later.”

Mike: “What? Come on, you can’t be serious! I don’t know what a fucking burpee is, all you have to do is show me one!”

Chad: “More attitude? Jason, plug him!”

No sooner did the words come out of Chad’s mouth that 3 frat brothers wrestled pledge Mike to the ground, put the remotely controlled vibrating butt plug in his ass, and locked the back piece of the chastity belt on to lock the plug in his ass.

Chad: “Still got that attitude, pledge? Or do you feel like a humble, very submissive, apology is in order?”

Mike was silient, with a pissed off look on his face.

Chad picked up his phone and drew up a quick pattern in the app that controlled the butt plug, the same app that controlled Mike’s fate and his ability to do his burpees with or without a MAJOR distraction.

Remote Control Vibrating Wand

He sent the pattern to the plug which made pledge Mike jump instantly.

Chad: “Apology?”


Chad: “Last chance before I crank up the juice…”

Mike: “No no no, I’m sorry Sir, I’m very very sorry Sir! I shouldn’t have said what I said. Please just turn this thing off now!”

Chad: “Nope, it stays on. You’re paying the price for your little outburst. Maybe next time you’ll remember this moment and think before you open your smartass mouth. Oh, and speaking of prices, the exchange rate seems to have gone up while you were fucking around. It’s now 5 minutes of ass eating per minute of internet time. Now how much internet time would you like to buy so you know what the fuck you’re doing when you do your burpees?”

Mike: “I don’t know, a minute.”

Mike got down on his knees in front of the laptop that was in front of him, as he felt a firm grip on his shoulder turning him around. It was Jason, right behind him, with his pants dropped. Suddenly, Jason’s cock slapped Mike across the face 3 times.

Jason: “I don’t think so, pledge. You pay in advance for your internet time.”

Jason turned around.

Chad: “One minute of internet time will cost you 5 minutes of GOOD ass eating. No hands allowed. You will keep them behind your back the entire time. Now get that tongue working pledge!”

With disgust, Mike slowly leaned into Jason’s ass. He knew better than to piss off Chad anymore. He knew from several experiences just how sadistic Chad could be when punishing a pledge, or at least he thought he knew. But every time he thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. So Mike obeyed Chad’s orders and rimmed Jason’s ass for the required 5 minutes.

Chad: “Ok pledge, you’ve earned 1 minute of internet time. Better hurry up and find a qualifying burpees video before your time expires, or you’ll have to buy more time to continue.”

Mike quickly searched on 'burpees’. He watched the first video which was 51 seconds long, as Jason and Chad watched over his shoulder.

Mike: “Here’s the video, Sirs.”

Chad: “Nope, I said a burpee video that includes the push-up at the end. Does that look like a push-up, pledge?”

Mike had found a burpee video where the guy got into push-up position, but didn’t go down. Seemed like Mike may have used that to his advantage, trying to get out of deepthroating Chad’s cock on the way down. Mike quickly looked for another video with only 3 seconds left.



Chad closed the laptop, almost on Mike’s fingers.

Chad: “Time to buy more time, pledge. The exchange rate is now 10 minutes of ass eating per minute of internet time. How much time would you like to buy?”

Mike thought long and hard this time. He thought it was going to be really tough to find a video that the brothers would approve. But he REALLY didn’t want to eat Jason’s ass any longer than he had to.

Mike: “Um, I guess 2 minutes, Sir.”

Chad: “You guess? Better confirm your answer before the exchange rate goes up again. Just so we’re clear that it’s what you want, I want you to beg to eat Jason’s ass for the amount of time required.”

Mike: “Aww, come on…”

Chad: “Watch it, pledge!”

Mike: “Please Sir, please let me eat Jason’s ass for 20 minutes.”

Chad: “Now look up at Jason, and beg him. After all, it’s his ass your tongue will be buried in, not mine.”

Mike (looking up submissively at Jason): “Please Sir, will you let me eat your ass for 20 minutes?”

All of the brothers instantly started laughing at how poethetic Mike sounded, literally begging to eat a brother’s ass. Mike looked like a humiliated, broken boy, and that just entertained all of the frat brothers even more.

Jason turned around again and Mike started on his task. Of course, Chad had to throw in a few more humiliating comments to make sure Mike suffered as much as possible.

Chad: “Make it good, pledge, or you’ll do it all over again…”

Mike eventually finished his job, and the laptop was opened. This time, he was able to find an approved burpees video in just 40 seconds. They could see the look on his face when he realized he could’ve had his face buried in Jason’s ass for 10 minutes LESS than he had, which gave the brothers something else to laugh at him for.

Chad: “So now you know what a proper burpee looks like, right pledge?”

Mike: “Yes Sir.”

Chad took his pants off and laid on the floor again, facing up.

Chad: “Good. Make sure on each burpee, you land in place so when you come down for the push-up, that smartass mouth of yours is right over my cock. When you come down, you will deepthroat my cock. If I don’t feel your tongue touch my balls, it won’t count as deepthroating, which means the rep won’t count. And if you miss a rep, you’ll start over. You will count each one out loud, respectfully, after you complete it. Got it pledge?”

Mike: “Um…yes Sir, I got it.”

Mike started his burpees. He got to the push-up in the first one, and went down on Chad’s dick as instructed, gave his balls a quick lick to avoid giving Chad more reason to torture him further, then came back up.

Mike: “One Sir.”

He continued.

Mike: “Two Sir.”“Three Sir.”“Four Sir.”

As Mike continued, the vibrating plug in his ass worked to torture him and distract him from the task at hand, or more like the task at mouth. As if that wasn’t enough to make things difficult for Mike, Chad’s dick also got harder.

Mike: “Five Sir.”

Chad: “Nope, I didn’t feel that tongue on my balls. You know what that means.”

All of the brothers laughed, then in unison said: “Start over pledge! Hahaha!”

Then as Mike started over, they started chanting: “Throat that dick! Throat that dick! Throat that dick!”

Mike was more humiliated than ever. But he had no choice but to continue on if he ever wanted this punishment to end. So he kept going.

Eventually, arms and legs feeling like jelly on the verge of collapse, Mike finished his last burpee.

Mike: “Thiiiirty…………..Siiir…”

Just as Mike was finishing his last burpee, the brothers heard someone coming down the stairs. Then pledge Dan entered the room.

Dan: “What the fuck is going on in here? What are you guys doing to Mike now??”

Jason: “Pledge Dan, go upstairs!”

Dan hesitated.


Chad turned around and headed back upstairs.

The next day

Mike left the house headed for class, still locked in the full chastity belt and with the remotely controlled vibrating butt plug locked in by the back piece of the chastity belt. On his way to class, he ran into Tyler from Phi Alpha Sigma. He was with one of his frat brothers.

Tyler: “Hey hey hey, look who we have here.”

Mike tried to ignore him.

Tyler: “Show some respect, pledge!”

Mike: “Yeah yeah, you had your fun torturing me for one night, but now your fun is over.”

Tyler: “Is it?”

Mike: “YES, it is!”

Tyler: “I wouldn’t be so sure about that, pledge. I don’t think the brothers in your frat would be too happy to hear what you said about them. It was pretty bad, especially for a pledge like yourself.”

Mike: “I didn’t say anything bad about them.”

Tyler: “You know you did.”

Mike: “So, it’s your word against mine, and they hate your frat.”

Tyler pulled out a digital recorder and pressed play.

They’re fucking jackasses for locking me in this thing!”

Mike was instantly wide-eyed with terror.

Mike: “What the fuck? You recorded me??? You asshole!”

Tyler: “That’s not very nice pledge. You hurt my feelings. Now you’re going to have to make it up to me. I think for starters, a daily blowjob might make me feel a little better about what you just called me.”

Mike: “What? No fucking way!”

Tyler: “Well I suppose handing this recording over to your frat brothers along with everything else on it might make me feel better as well.”

Mike: “No!! You can’t do that!”

Tyler: “Oh, but I could…”

Mike: “Ok, fine, you win. What do you want?”

Tyler: “Every day after your classes are over, I expect to see you submissively crawling from the front door of our frat house to me, where you will suck me off to completion. Then you may leave.”

Mike: “EVERY DAY?”

Tyler: “Yep, EVERY day, until further notice.”

Mike: “But they said I have to be back to the house right after class.”

Tyler: “Sucks to be you, I guess you’ll have to pay the consequences for that then, whatever that may be. Still think I’m a jackass?”

Mike: “No, sorry.”

The next day

Chad: “Pledge Dan, you seemed to have put your nose in our business again last night when you came storming into the basement dungeon.”

Dan: “I just didn’t think that was right.”

Chad: “I’m glad we agree. I don’t think that was right of you to do either, and I think you should learn from it.”

Dan: “That’s not what I meant.”

Chad: “I don’t care what you meant. You need to learn self-control. And today, you will…”

Dan: “What do you mean by that?”

Chad: “Meet me in the basement dungeon in 15 minutes. No sooner. No later.”

Chad grabbed Jason and they both went down to the dungeon to prepare and plan things for pledge Dan. They pulled some gear out, including a blindfoldlocking leather cuffs, a spreader bar, and some rope and clips. They set everything down near a large wooden frame. Then they pulled a wooden stool out of the closet. The stool had about a 4 inch hole cut in the center of it.

Chad: “What do you think, Jason? If we’re going to give the pledge a chance to rest, should we really make it that easy and let him just sit on a stool like this?”

Bondage Stool

Jason: “I don’t know, that does look too easy. And we are trying to teach him self-control.”

Chad: “Or should we put the upside down chair mat on it so any 'resting’ will result in sitting on spikes, like this?”

Spiked Bondage Stool

Jason: “I guess we can decide on that a bit later. Let’s get him setup first.”

Pledge Dan came downstairs and walked into the room with much more hesitation than last night.

Chad: “Not so quick to storm in today, eh pledge?”

Jason: “Get over here pledge.”

Dan walked over to the wooden frame where Jason was standing. Jason blindfolded Dan, then locked the leather cuffs on his wrists in front of him with a chain connecting them to each other. Dan thought that was odd, until he felt the spreader bar being inserted between his elbows and his back, effectively securing his arms in place. Then he felt a rope being tied around his balls, and another length of rope was used to tie the spreader bar to something above him so he couldn’t lower his body much.

Bondage Stool Predicament

Then his feet were locked in stocks near the floor. He was still standing, but now he couldn’t move his feet from where they were. A stool was positioned behind Dan, connected to the base of the wooden frame, and locked in place so it couldn’t move or tip over.

Foot Stocks

A ratcheting tie-down was connected from Dan’s tied balls, through the hole in the center of the stool, down to a lower dowel rod. Then as Dan heard a “CLICK…CLICK…CLICK…”, the slack was pulled in. Now Dan’s balls were being pulled back and down, forcing him to squat down a bit.

CBT Predicament Bondage

Jason: “Ok Chad, looks like we’re at the point where we have to make a decision. Should we put the spikes on top of the stool to prevent him from taking advantage of it too easily? Or not?”

Chad: “Well you know what my devious mind is thinking…”

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