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Nice, and nice addition of the collar connected to the top of the spreader bar. And just how long did you last in that one, and how did you end up getting out of it? Was it an interrogation or similar type of challenge, or more of just a safe word and you were let out...that kind of thing?

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Chastity sub Bound to Cage Vibrating WandAgain, boy cannot realize how lucky he is. Thanks for sharing
Posted by Bondagebuddy2 06/19/2022 - 16:59
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Lucky, lucky slave

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Have been in that last position. It looks quite simple but is as tough as hell after just a short time. Collar connected to the top of the spreader too, just for extra sport....

Posted by cbr998 06/19/2022 - 14:58
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To please the coach is all that matters. To be in chastity ans edged would be ecstacy.

Posted by footsoldier 06/19/2022 - 12:39
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Story Saturday: Pledging the Frat, Chapter 22

Jared: “Ahhahaaaa!”

Jared was indeed ticklish, and couldn’t hold back his gagged laughter. He laughed. Then he gagged on the dildo.

Ben: “ANOTHER sound? Haven’t you learned yet Jared?”

With that, he reached for the dildo jack crank yet again.

Bondage Stool Deepthroat Predicament

Jared knew he reached for it, and immediately started slightly shaking his head, as if to say “Please don’t!” The dildo he was impaled on didn’t allow for much movement, but he did everything he could to get his desperate pleading across to Ben, without making any noise. Jared didn’t think he could handle another turn of that crank without gagging.

Ben: “What do you think, Chad? Should I give it another crank?”

Jared feared the worst. He knew Ben basically has his balls in a vice and was desperately hoping he’d be merciful on him.

Chad: “No.”

Ben seemed surprised at sadistic Chad’s response.

Chad: “I think you should give it two or three more cranks. Make him gag on it!”

Ben: “Ok, sounds good, the fucker deserves it after making me gag on his huge cock so much.”

Chad: “Unless…”

Ben had just started turning the crank, then stopped, waiting to hear Chad’s idea.

Chad: “Unless you give him one other option.”

Ben: “Do you have something specific in mind?”

Chad: “Actually, I do. Come with me, I’ll show ya.”

Ben followed Chad into a storage closet.

Chad: “See this butt plug?”

Ben: “Yeah, let’s shove this thing up his ass, that should teach him for using his big cock against me!”

Chad: “Not just that, it’s a vibrating butt plug.”

Ben: “Wow, even better!”

Chad: “It gets even better than that.”

Chad picked up a phone laying next to him.

Chad: “This phone controls it remotely. You can send an endless amount of patterns at varying intensities, and he can’t do a damn thing about it.”

Chad spent a few minutes showing Ben how the device works.

Ben: “Whoa, I love it!”

Chad: “So do you want to give him an alternative to being gagged with that huge dildo?”

Ben picked up the remotely controlled vibrating butt plug.

Ben: “Hell yeah, let’s do it!”

Chad: “We can even put him in a full chastity belt like Mike has been locked in, to lock the plug in his ass so he can’t possibly remove it.”

Ben: “Sounds even better! But let’s not tell him it’s anything but an ordinary butt plug.”

They both walked back over to where Jared was restrained.

Ben: “Ok Jared, you have a choice. Either you ask me to shove this butt plug up your ass, then ask Chad here to lock you in a chastity belt so you can’t remove it for the night, or I’m gonna keep crankin this dildo deeper into your mouth every time you make a sound while Chad continues to pound that hole. Choose now, or you get both. Beg for which one you want and make sure we can clearly hear you, or you’ll get double of whichever it ends up being.”

Jared: “Uhhhahhuuuuhh…”

Jared clearly wasn’t in a position to verbally beg for anything, with that thick dildo deep in his mouth.

Ben: “That didn’t sound very clear Jared. Haha, oh that’s right, you can’t talk with that big, thick cock in your mouth. Ok, if you choose the butt plug, hold your left thumb out. If you choose to continue getting relentlessly gagged with that dildo, hold your right thumb out. Either way it’s doubled, double cranks or two nights with the plug, since you didn’t beg clearly enough. If I don’t see any thumbs out in 10 seconds, you’ll get both. And just to motivate you a bit more to decide quickly…”

Ben started slowly turning the dildo jack handle, forcing a bit more of the dildo in Jared’s mouth. Jared gagged, then immediately held his left thumb out.

Ben: “Somehow I thought you’d go for option one.”

Chad continued his assault on the pledge’s vulnerable hole, slamming his cock deep into his ass.

Chad: “Are [slam] you [slam] sure [slam] that’s [slam] the [slam] option [slam] you [slam] want [slam] pledge?”

He was pounding his cock in hard and deep to really drive the point home.

Jared was how holding his left thumb up even higher than before. He was sure he wanted this relentless ass pounding to end, and he really wanted that dildo pulled out of his throat before he started gagging again.

Chad pulled his cock out of the pledge’s ass. Ben grabbed the handle of the dildo jack, about to lower it.

Chad: “No, let’s leave that dildo in his throat for now. Pledge, if you fight me at all while I shove this butt plug into your ass, that dildo gag is going deeper down your throat.”

Jared looked terrified. Chad inserted the butt plug into Jared’s ass as Jared cringed the entire time. He had never had anything inserted into his ass before, at least not until Chad’s dick fucked him. The thought of spending the night with a butt plug inserted in his ass was a scary though, and he didn’t even know the full extent of it yet!

Once the plug was inserted, Chad released Jared from the bondage stool and stood him up to lock him in the full chastity belt.

Full Chastity Belt

Chad: “Great, now turn around so we can see that ass, pledge.”

Full Chastity Belt

Chad: “Now we just need to make sure he can’t pull the plug out on his own. Ben, grab that back piece for me, it’s over on that table. I’ll watch this pledge to make sure he doesn’t go anywhere. Although if he takes off, he’ll never be able to jerk off again.”

Ben brought the back piece over, and Chad securely locked it in place. Now Jared couldn’t remove the butt plug no matter how hard he tried.

Ben: “Now that you’re all locked in, I should tell you that the butt plug in your ass isn’t JUST a butt plug. It’s a vibrating butt plug.”

Jared: “You mean you can unlock this thing at some point and turn the damn thing on?”

Ben: “No Jared, you’ll have absolutely no warning when it’s activated. It’s a remotely controlled butt plug, controlled by a mobile phone. To be more specific, the mobile phone that I’ll be sleeping with tonight, so any time I get bored or just want to have some fun and fuck with you, I can push a few buttons and turn your world upside down for a while.”

Jared: “Fuck no! Seriously? Or are you just fuckin with me right now?”

Ben: “I guess there’s only one way to find out. I’m just curious though…still think it was funny when you were gagging me with that huge cock of yours?”

Jared: “Uh, I guess not. Sorry, ok? Now take this thing out of my ass!”

Ben: “Nope! Oh, and I guess I should say your cock that used to be huge, until it was locked in that very confining chastity belt. Hahaha.”

Later that night

Jared headed to bed, and Ben did the same. The only difference was Jared was planning on not only getting into bed, but actually sleeping. But Ben had other plans for him. He grabbed the mobile phone almost immediately and started playing with the controls for the remotely controlled vibrating butt plug.

He quickly found a pattern he liked that someone else had created and shared. It was called “10 mins of hell”. He thought this one would be perfect to give Jared a little payback for what he had done ealier.

This pattern started out low, and very slowly increased in intensity.

Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug App

As it continued increasing, Ben heard “Ahhhhh FUUUCK!” from the next room where Jared was sleeping, or at least trying to sleep.

Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug App

Then after it got up fairly high, right at the point where Jared might be expecting it to go up more, it went back down in intensity just as slowly…just to fuck with his head.

Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug App

Shortly after, the torturous waves started. Up…down…back up again…and back down again…each at different intervals and intensities so it was impossible to get used to any pattern.

Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug App

Then just as he thought he was starting to get used to the inconsistency, as if that were even possible, the device started with longer, slower waves, but not nearly as slow as it started out.

Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug App

Jared couldn’t take anymore of this. He got out of bed and knocked on the door to Ben’s room. Ben answered the door.

Jared: “Ok ok, you win. PLEASE turn this thing off!”

Ben: “Why would I do that?

Jared: "Come on man, I’ll literally do ANYTHING you want if you just turn this thing off.”

Ben: “I don’t know. I could just continue fucking with your ass all night long if I wanted to. I mean I was given that right and the power to do so. It would have to be something pretty good to get me to stop. Make me an offer.”

Jared: “I’ll give you a fucking blowjob right here and now, if you shut this thing off first.”

Ben: “First? If I shut it off FIRST? I don’t think you realize that you have absolutely no bargaining power here Jared.”

Jared: “Ok, sorry, even if you shut it off after. I’m desperate man, I’ll really do anything.”

Ben: “I’m still kinda bitter from when you mercilessly gagged me with your huge cock earlier.”

Jared: “But you already got even for that.”

Ben: “No, I just started to get even for that. I think you need to know what it’s like to get gagged mercilessly, with a really big dick.”

Jared: “Ok, you can use your dick.”

Ben: “No, my dick is big, but not nearly big enough to get the job done in this case. I’m getting Jake.”

Jared: “Jake? But Jake’s cock is sooooo thick! That’s even worse than long, thicker would be even worse!”

Ben: “Exactly.”

Ben went to get Jake, to see if he was still up. Jake was more than happy to oblige and make Ben’s idea happen.

Ben: “Jake, I’d like you to throat fuck Jared until you cum in his mouth. Jared, keep your hands held behind your back. If they don’t remain behind your back, we’ll handcuff them there, then Jake will throat fuck you til he shoots his load down your throat, twice. Got it?”

Jared: “Yeah, I got it. Can you shut this thing off now?”

Ben: “Nope, it stays on til Jakes load shoots down your throat, or two loads if you can’t keep your hands where they belong. But if you bitch about it again, I can certainly change the program to one called ‘30 minutes of climbing the walls INSANITY!’”

Jared: “No no no, that’s ok, sorry Ben.”

For the next 20 minutes, Jared suffered through a violent throat fucking from Jake. About 5 minutes in, he moved his hands from behind his back and tried to push Jake away, so his hands were cuffed behind his back for the duration until Jake shot two loads down Jared’s throat.

Ben: “Ok Jared, now swallow that last load, EVERY DROP, then I’ll turn the vibrating butt plug off now. But not before you clean off Jake’s cock.”

Jared completed the degrading act as he was guided through every detail.

Meanhile, after Mike ended up paying the consequences for his last ordeal, Jason and Chad called all of the pledges into the living room and ordered them to remove their shirts, but to keep their shorts on.

Jason: “I’ve got good news for all of you. We’re at the final stage of your initiation. Chad, the cuffs…”

Chad went around and cuffed every pledge’s hands behind his back. Any chastity cages/belts were removed. He told each to lay down as he did so, and directed them into a 69 position next to the closest pledge to them.

Jason: “Now, your last test is about to begin. You all have a pledge’s cock in front of you. But the pledge isn’t naked, and his cock isn’t pulled out. That’s part of your job. You’re going to pull his cock out while remaining in the exact position you’re in, that means no hands, mouth only. Then you’re going to suck him off while he does the same for you. You will be timed on how long it takes you to get his cock out of his pants, and to get him off. If you get him off in under 10 minutes, you’ve succeeded, and you’re in the frat. If it takes you longer than 10 minutes, you’re out, you will not be accepted into this frat. But just to make things a bit more interested, we’re adding a bit more to this challenge. If you get the pledge off in under 5 minutes, you also get to fuck him. So you’ll all want to hold out as much as possible and make sure it’s not too easy for the other pledge to get you off. We’ve removed the clocks from the room, so you’ll have no idea how much time has passed. That means you’ll be working against each other, one trying to get the other off quickly, while the other tries hard to hold out for fear of being fucked after. Pledges, do you understand the rules of your final challenge?”

The pledges already had a fearful look on their faces after hearing that last rule, and they hadn’t even started yet. Most of these pledges had never even had a dick in their mouth, and those that did, didn’t exacty like it. But getting fucked would be worse, right?

Jason: “Go!”

After a slight pause and quick thinking about their options, they realized their options were limited. Then the pledges immediately began working with their teeth to get zippers down, lips to get flies opened, and tongues to assist in getting cocks out. A mouth and tongue on a cock doesn’t exactly make it stay soft though, so the pledges that took longer at this ended up having a harder job (no pun intended). ;) The more the dick grew in the pledge’s shorts, the harder it was to pull it. But eventually, they all got them out successfully and started sucking dick like champs.

Jason, Chad, and the rest of the frat brothers watched as the pledges sucked dick feverishly, as if their life depended on it. For pledge Mike, it was almost as if it did…at least his ability to stay on campus depended on him getting accepted into Alpha Beta Kappa (or Alpha Beta Kinky, as he later came to know it). The brothers occassionally heard a gag, or a moan, and not the good kind of moan. It was more of a bitching and whining kind of moan, but the pledges all knew what was at stake, and they all wanted in this fraternity.


Chad (mocking the gagging pledge): “GAG GAG GAG, mmm, tastes good doesn’t it pledge? No? Then obviously you need to taste more cock. Keep suckin!”

4 minutes 10 seconds in

Pledge Bart: “Ahh ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh!”

Bart had just shot his load into pledge Mike’s mouth.

Mike: “Ewwww! Fuck man, couldn’t you have given me a little warning??”

Bart laughed. But he hadn’t yet realized the last laugh would be on him.

The rest of the pledges shot their loads one by one before the 10 minute mark, except for 3 pledges who each took 12-15 minutes.

Jason: “Pledges Joe, Alex, and Charlie, you failed to get your pledge off in under 10 minutes. So you’re out.”

The pledges looked pretty disappointed, having gone through all of this and as humiliating as this last challenge was, they still got the boot. They looked at Jason and Chad to unlock their handcuffs.

Chad: “Haha, no pledges, you failed to get your pledge off in under 10 minutes as you were told. As part of the consequences, you’ll be leaving here handcuffed. You’ll find a key to the handcuffs you’re locked in across campus, buried about 2 inches into the ground under the big oak tree. Have fun digging it up. Oh, and I guess your cum dripping cocks will have to remain out of your shorts until you get the key to free yourselves. I know I ain’t touchin em!”

The three pledges were pissed, but they had no choice. They figured they’d only get themselves into more trouble if they stuck around any longer. They only hoped that the key to the cuffs was where Chad said it was. They walked across campus, hiding around every corner, being careful to not let anybody see them. But it was impossible. The guys that saw them knew this was a college campus full of frat houses, but they still snickered as they saw the three pledges walk by, hands cuffed behind their backs, cum dripping dicks hanging out of their shorts, and partially cum soaked shorts. The pledges finally made it to the big oak tree and immediately started digging for the key. The had spectators too, laughing and mockingly cheering them along. What else could they do? They couldn’t exactly move the oak tree somewhere else away from the guys that were watching, so they had to deal with it. About 10 minutes later, one of them found the key. They immediately unlocked each other’s cuffs and put their dicks back in their shorts. Then they wasted no time in taking off, staying far from that area.

Back at the frat house

Chad: “Pledge Bart, you didn’t even last 5 minutes. So pledge Mike here gets to fuck you now.”

Bart: “Noway, he can’t do that!”

Chad: “Yep, he can. You knew the rules, pledge, didn’t you?”

Bart: “Yeah, I guess.”

Chad: “And you were laughing, whispering to Mike to prepare to have your big cock in his ass, weren’t you? Don’t think I didn’t hear that pledge.”

Bart: “You heard that?” (bowing head down)

Chad: “Yep. Now drop your pants, bend over, and prepare to take it in the ass. Or we could do this the hard way?”

Bart didn’t know what “the hard way” was, but he didn’t want to find out. He leaned over the sofa and prepared to get fucked. They could see it in Mike’s eyes, he was thinking, “Finally, sweet revenge!” Although Bart had just pissed him off with his comments minutes ago, he was about to get payback for all that the frat brothers had done to him, and he was about to take it all out on Bart. If only Bart knew what was on the line with the few words he just muttered before this last challenge, the pent up frustration Mike had, which Bart’s ass would be taking the brunt of.

Mike plowed his cock into Bart’s ass with a vengeance. Thrusting in hard, deep, fast, slow, changing it up once in a while so Bart couldn’t get used to it. It quickly became a punishment fuck from hell. Unfortunately, Mike shot his load pretty quickly since he hadn’t cum in quite a while, and it was over before he would’ve wanted it to be.

Chad: “That’s ok pledge, we’ll give you a raincheck for another time so you can fuck Bart for a real long time when you can last longer.”

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