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Nice, and nice addition of the collar connected to the top of the spreader bar. And just how long did you last in that one, and how did you end up getting out of it? Was it an interrogation or similar type of challenge, or more of just a safe word and you were let out...that kind of thing?

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Chastity sub Bound to Cage Vibrating WandAgain, boy cannot realize how lucky he is. Thanks for sharing
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Lucky, lucky slave

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Have been in that last position. It looks quite simple but is as tough as hell after just a short time. Collar connected to the top of the spreader too, just for extra sport....

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To please the coach is all that matters. To be in chastity ans edged would be ecstacy.

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Story Saturday: Pledging the Frat, Chapter 18

If you need to catch-up on any previous chapters, you can do so by going to the new Story Saturday Directoryand clicking on the chapters you missed or would like to re-read.

Ben (squiming even more now that his cock was 10 times as sensitive): “I’m sorry Sir, I couldn’t help it.”

Chad: “You could help it. You could’ve followered orders. You chose to cum instead. Now you get to deal with the consequences, pledge.”

Ben: “Can you turn this thing off?!”

Chad: “Sure I can.”

For the next minute, Ben continued feeling the torture of the vibrating wand on full power strapped to his cockhead.

Ben: “Ahhh! Pl-pl-please! I thought you were turning this thing off?”

Chad: “You asked if I CAN turn it off. I said ‘Sure I can.’ because I have the power and ability to turn it off, but that didn’t mean I had any intention of turning it off pledge. Deal with it!”

Ben: “Ahaahhaaaaa! P-p-pleeease Sir! Pl-pleeeeze turn it off Sir! I can’t take this any longer!”

Chad: “But you will take it, for a lot longer pledge! When you fuck around and break MY rules, you pay the consequences. If you haven’t already learned that in this frat, you will very soon!”

Ben was squirming. He was leaning forward. He was swinging his dick from side to side. Anything to attempt to attempt to shake the wand loose, the wand that was securely rubber banded to the head of his dick.

Spiked Bondage Stool Edging Predicament

When he realized that wasn’t working, he resorted to leaning forward even more, anything to try to get his mind off of his tortured, post-orgasm cockhead. But it was no use. The torturous vibrating wand was there to stay until the extremely sadistic Chad wanted to turn it off, and Ben already knew that Chad typically had little to no mercy on a pledge who didn’t do as he was told.

For the next 5 minutes, the vibrating wand continued to wear Ben down more and more. His body almost looked as if it had collapsed forward. Then Chad noticed Ben trying to reach the wand with his nose, thinking he could nudge it enough to get it to fall down, ending the seemingly endless torture to his cockhead.

Spiked Bondage Stool Edging Predicament

Chad: “I don’t think so, pledge. You touch that wand with any part of you other than your dick, and you’ll be very sorry! And just for trying, now it stays on for another 15 minutes.”


Chad: “But you will, pledge. I was about to turn it off when I caught you trying to cheat and push it off yourself. So now it stays on for 15 minutes longer. Deal with it!”

Ben: “But I just shot my load and my dick is SOOOO sensitive now!”

Chad: “Yep, it’s called punishment for a reason, pledge. That’s what you get for shooting your load without permission. Don’t EVER let it happen again.”

Ben: “Come on, you can’t do this to me when I just got off!”

Chad grabbed Ben by the hair, pulled his head up, and got right up to his ear.

Chad: “I can do whatever the fuck I want, pledge. The sooner you realize that and admit it, the sooner your time here will be much more pleasant.”

Jason: “Well, I don’t know if pleasant is the word I’d use, hahaha.”

Chad: “Yeah really, haha. Well at least it might not feel like pure torture so often once you admit that we can do whatever the fuck we want to you. Got that pledge?”

Ben: “Y-y-yesss S-s-sirrr.”

12 minutes later

Ben: “P-pleeeeeeze Siiiir!!! Turn that thing off!”

Chad: “Nope!”

Ben: “B-but if you don’t turn it off…”

Chad: “Are you trying to make threats toward me pledge?”

Ben: “N-no Sir, n-not at allll S-sir. I just meant if you don’t turn if off soon, w-well, I m-might…”

Chad: “You might what, pledge?”

Ben: “I mean I’m t-t-trying not to. But if you leave it on I might cum again.”

Chad: “Oohhh, you definitely don’t want to let that happen again, pledge.”

Ben (shaking a bit from the bondage predicament and the wand teasing the fuck out of his dick): “B-but what if I can’t help it?”

Chad: “You can help it, and you better. If not, we’ll have to step in and help you, and make absolutely sure it’s the last time you cum for a while.”

Ben suddenly had a terrified expression on his face. He suddenly recalled what Chad had said about locking his dick in chastity for cumming without permission. Ben normally jerks off at least 3 times per day. Having his dick locked in chastity for an entire week was going to be hell, worse than just about any other form of torture that he thought the brothers could conjure up. And now this new warning from Chad, was he talking about MORE chasity time? How long did he mean by “a while”?

Just as Ben was thinking that over and trying so hard not to cum, suddenly, thicks ropes of cum began shooting from his dick. Some shot as far as 6 feet away from him. There was no hiding it, the brothers turned their heads toward Ben and immediately saw what he did.

Chad: “Testing me, pledge?”

Ben (panting from the intense stimulation): “S-sorry Sir!”

Chad immediately pulled the rubber band off and moved the wand away from Ben’s dick. Ben let out a sigh of relief, which was shortlived. Then Chad went behind Ben, reached his hand around, and started stroking Ben’s post-orgasm cock, making sure he rubbed the ultra-sensitive head with a twisting motion on every stroke.

Intense Edging

Every time the head was rubbed, Ben let out a yelp, proving just how sensitive that post-cum cockhead was.

Ben: “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

But Ben could go nowhere. He could do nothing to stop it. And Chad was determined to use the full period of time that Ben’s cock was in it’s most sensitive state to torture Ben for cumming yet again without permission.

Chad continued the post-cum cockhead torture assault for what Ben thought was around 30 minutes, but in reality was more like 8 minutes. As long as he saw any reaction from Ben at all, he continued without letting up. After 8 minutes, he no longer saw Ben squirming in desperation to get away from his hand, so he stopped. Chad walked into another room.

Jason walked up to the frame and crouched down by the stocks where Ben’s feet were locked, as he started unlocking him.

Jason: “I guess we can get this pledge down from here now.”

As soon as he released Ben’s feet, Chad was coming back with a Jailhouse Chastity Device. Chad got down on the floor between Ben’s legs and starting sliding the chastity ring over Ben’s balls. Just as the cold steel touched Ben’s balls, Ben raised his leg and pushed Chad back with his foot.

Jason: “Whoa pledge! Not a good idea at all!”

Chad: “Did you just kick me, pledge?”

Ben: “Um, no, sorry Sir.”

Chad: “Now you’re lying to me pledge?”

Ben: “Um, it was just a reaction, I just pushed you away, I didn’t kick you.”

Chad: “Your leg came up, and your foot connected with my chest and pushed me away. I’m calling that a kick.”

Ben: “Sorry Sir.”

Chad: “Not yet you aren’t.”

Jason: “Should we lock his feet back in the stocks?”

Chad: “No, I’ve got a better idea. He needs to learn that every dumbass action of his has consequences. Simply being unable to move his feet because they’re locked in stocks isn’t enough of a consequence for him. I want him to remember it. I want him to never forget it.”

Jason: “I like the way you’re thinking, I’m just not sure exactly what you’re thinking.”

Chad grabbed a pair of hinged handcuffs and handed them to Jason, motioning toward Ben as he explained, not wanting to verbally go into much detail since Ben would hear him.

Chad: “Here, take these and use them after I release him from this.”

Chad unlocked the cuffs, releasing Ben from his current predicament, with the exception of his tied and ratcheted balls. He wanted to release only one part at a time in case Ben got any crazy ideas. Then Jason immediately pulled Ben’s hands behind his back and locked him in the hinged handcuffs, which are very ungiving and allow hardly any squirming room. Next, Chad released Ben’s tied balls. Then Chad and Jason each picked up one end of Ben and carried him over to a bed and laid him down on it, facing up. While Ben was distracted with trying to position the handcuffs so he was more comfortable laying on them, which is no easy task, Chad finished his implementing plan. He tied the center of a rope around Ben’s balls, then tied the ends of the rope around each of Ben’s big toes. As he tied the rope off, he pulled Ben’s foot up close to his ass, making sure he had very little room to extend his legs out at all. The rope from Ben’s balls to his big toes was only about 8 inches long. Now if Ben extended either of his legs, he would stetch his own balls.

Chad: “So you want to kick me pledge? Go ahead, kick me now!”

Ben: “No Sir. I don’t want to kick you Sir.”

Chad: “I said, KICK ME NOW!”

Ben: “Sorry Sir, I didn’t mean to…”

Chad: “Last chance pledge, I said, KICK ME! Or there will be hell to pay!”

Jason decided to give him a little extra “motivation”. He reached for Ben’s ribs and started mercilessly tickle torturing him. Within about 2 seconds of the tickling onslaught, Ben kicked his feet out and immediately let out a “Owwww FUCK!”

Chad: “Now is it clear that trying to kick either of us will have immediate and severe consequences, pledge?”

Ben: “Ooowwww, yes Sir.”

Now that Ben was tamed, Chad slid the ring of the Jailhouse Chastity Device over Ben’s balls, then tucked his dick through the ring. Then the cage was slid over Ben’s dick, which was now conveniently soft. Then came the click of the padlock, locking the device and sealing Ben’s fate for a while.

Chastity Predicament

Chad: “You were told not to cum without permission. You did anyway. That earned you 1 week in chastity.”

Ben: “A whole WEEK? Please no!”

Chad: “I’m not done, pledge. Don’t interrupt!”

Ben: “Sorry Sir.”

Chad: “Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, you let yourself cum AGAIN. So I’m adding an additional week to your chastity sentence.”

Ben: “Wait, WHAT??? You can’t be serious! I jerk off like 40 times in 2 weeks!”

Jason: “You won’t be jerking off at all for the next 2 weeks, hahahahaha.”

Chad (with his trademark sadistic grin on his face): “And I suggest you stop bitching about it, pledge. It could always be worse.”

Ben continued trying to come up with excuses to get out of his chastity sentence.

Ben: “Come on man, you can’t do that to me! Isn’t it unhealthy to not have any sexual stimulation for that long?”

Chad: “I told you to stop bitching, pledge. You persisted. You want sexual stimulation? Fine, we’ll give it to you. Choose which brother you want to fuck you right now.”

Ben: “What? No! I don’t want any brother to fuck me.”

Chad: “You have 5 minutes to choose one, or I’ll choose for you. And if I choose, I might not be able to make up my mind, so I might have to choose 2 brothers to fuck you instead. So I suggest you choose. Oh, and you’re going to beg that brother to fuck you hard and deep.”

Ben realized he was in another no-win situation. His only options were to choose a brother to fuck him, which would make it seem like he wanted it and would make the whole thing even more humiliating. To make matters worse, he was being required to beg the brother to fuck him “hard and deep”. But if he doesn’t choose, he gets fucked twice. There was no good option here, and no easy way out either.

4 minutes and 50 seconds later

Chad: “10 seconds until your double fucking, unless you choose now, pledge. 10…9…8…”

Ben: “Ok ok, I guess I want Jason to fuck me.”

Unlike pledge Mike, Ben hadn’t had a lot of experience with Jason. He hadn’t yet seen Jason’s dark side since Chad had mostly been taking the lead on punishing Ben.

Chad: “Ok pledge, now ask Jason nicely and respectfully to fuck you, and make sure it’s convincing.”

Ben: “Um, Jason, would you please fuck me?”

Mike’s walk back from PAS

While Ben was fearing the worst from Jason’s thick cock, Mike was still enjoying his time over at PAS. Well, maybe not enjoying it.


But just as Mike had finished licking the last few drops of his cum off of Tyler’s feet, he shot another load.

Tyler: “Seriously pledge? Now licking your jizz off my toes is getting you off?”

Mike: “No, no, no, it’s not at all, I fucking hate it! It’s not that!”

Mike still was tight-lipped about the vibrating butt plug in his ass. Tyler already had a pretty good idea what was going on, but he wanted to further humiliate Mike by acting as if he didn’t, and by making Mike confess. But Mike still had no intention of going down that road. So Tyler moved on to the next phase of his own version of humiliation hell night.

Mike left the room for a minute and came back with a thick black marker. He used it to write on the pledge’s chest, “Ask me how I shot my load in my”, then he stopped to think before finishing the sentence. He was originally thinking of giving Mike his jeans back, making him put them on, rubbing them in the cum that was once again dripping down his legs, and sending him on his way. But now he was thinking, is there another way to make this even more humiliating for Mike?

Tyler: “Pledge, put your hands behind your back.”

With some hesitation, Mike put his hands behind his back. Tyler locked Mike in handcuffs.

Tyler: “I’ll be right back, pledge. I think I need a second opinion.”

Tyler left the room for a bit. He went to talk to one of his frat brothers. He explained the situation and that he was about to send the pledge home in obviously cum stained jeans and no shirt, and he told him what he planned to write on his chest. But he thought there must be a way to make it even more humiliating for the pledge. His frat brother had a few ideas.

Tyler: “Hahaha, yeah, that sounds MUCH more humiliating! Thanks!”

Mike overheard the last thing Tyler said, but had no idea what they had been talking about.

Tyler walked back toward Mike. As he got closer, Mike saw a bright pink speedo in Tyler’s hand and began fearing the worst. Tyler got down on the floor with the speedo.

Tyler: “Lift your right foot up, pledge.”

Mike lifted his right foot up and Tyler slipped it into the speedo.

Tyler: “Now your left foot, pledge.”

Mike lifted his left foot up and Tyler continued, sliding the speedo all the way up around Mike’s waist. The speedo was barely enough to cover the chastity belt. There were actually a few parts that stuck out, and there was no way to completely cover it up with the speedo.

Tyler: “On your knees, pledge.”

Mike hesitated, unsure of what more Tyler could possibly have planned.

Tyler: “On your knees pledge, NOW!”

Mike went down to his knees. Tyler whipped out his cock and immediately started jerking off. Minutes later, he shot huge ropes of cum, some of which he aimed for Mike face and hair, and some he made sure dripped down Mike’s bright pink speedo, then he rubbed it into the speedo even more. Mike was a mess. He had cum everywhere, some his own, and some Tyler’s. Tyler made him wait a few minutes to allow the cum to start drying up. He wanted to make sure Mike couldn’t simply wipe the cum off of the speedo when he left and that it would be obvious that Mike shot in the speedo, locked in chastity and all.

Before sending Mike home, he finished writing on Mike’s chest, “Ask me how I shot my load in my pink speedo!”

Tyler: “Now if anybody asks you how you shot your load, you’re going to tell them, in detail. Got it pledge?”

Mike: “Do I have to?”

Tyler: “Yes, you do. And if I find out you didn’t, well let’s just say that would be the worst decision you could possibly make. Now if you’re asked, what are you going to tell them?”

Mike: “Um…that I couldn’t help it. I was horny.”

Tyler: “NO PLEDGE. What were you doing when you shot your load?”

Mike: “Um…”

Tyler: “SAY IT, pledge!”

Mike: “Um…I was sucking your dick.”

Tyler: “Yep, you were, and obviously you were loving it. Make sure you tell them that part too. Got it pledge?”

Mike: “Yes Sir.”

Tyler unlocked the handcuffs, and told Mike to put his shoes on.

Tyler: “You may leave now, pledge.”

Mike: “I just need my shirt. Did you forget about that?”

Tyler: “No, I didn’t forget, pledge. You aren’t getting your shirt. What good would it do to write a humiliating message on your chest if nobody sees it because a shirt is covering it.”

Mike walked out the door in humiliation. He noticed there were a few guys walking in the area, so he decided to cover his chest with his hands. Tyler saw this through the window and immediately went outside to pull Mike back in.

Tyler: “Trying to get sneaky, eh pledge?”

Tyler cuffed Mike’s hands behind his back again. He taped the key to the cuffs inside the front of the pink speedo that Mike was wearing. It was out of Mike’s reach, and if he really tried hard to get to it, he risked losing the speedo and walking home naked other than his chastity belt.

Tyler: “When you get home, tell your frat brothers that they can find the key to the cuffs in this speedo.”

Tyler pushed Mike back out the door with his chest marked and hands cuffed behind his back, unable to cover up the message that could now be seen by all.

Mike was walking as fast as he could, trying to get home without anybody seeing him. But this meant he had to walk farther if he didn’t want to walk right by a few groups of guys standing around. He thought he was alone when he turned a corner and bumped into a guy from another frat.

Jacob: “Wow, what do we have here? Damn man, you’re a mess!”

Mike: “Um, just heading home.”

Jacob: “Do you normally travel locked in handcuffs with dried jizz all over yourself? And what’s this on your chest? Ask me how I shot my load in my pink speedo! Ok, I think I will. How did you shoot your load in your pink speedo? And speaking of that, what the fuck are you doing in a pink speedo anyway?”

Mike thought real hard on how he could get out of this. But if by some crazy chance Tyler found out from this guy that he didn’t tell him the whole story, Mike knew he’d be in deep with Tyler. But which story should he tell? Tyler wanted him to explain that he got off sucking Tyler’s cock, but the real reason was that damn vibrating butt plug locked in his ass. But Tyler doesn’t know about that, or does he? And telling a guy he shot his load while sucking a guy’s dick would be even worse.

Mike: “Um, I’m a pledge and they made me cum all over myself.”

Jacob: “Oh really? And how did they make you cum? Are you telling me they actually jerked you off?”

Mike: “Um…”

Jacob looked down, examining Mike’s speedo a bit closer.

Jacob: “Oh, what’s that under your speedo dude? It looks kinda shiny, some kind of metal belt? Is that a chastity belt dude? Hahaha. Is your junk locked in chastity?”

Mike bowed his head down. No matter which direction he want in explaining this, it would be the most humiliating explanation he’s ever had to give anyone.

Mike: “Um, the brothers at my frat locked me in this chastity belt to punish me for a few things I did. Then a brother at another frat they sent me to, um…he made me suck his dick, and um…a little while after that I shot my load.”

Jacob: “WHOOOAAA, dude, you shot your load while you were suckin another dude’s cock? Haha. Hahahaha.”

Just when Mike didn’t think things could get any more humiliating…


The brothers of ABK had triggered the remotely controlled vibrating butt plug yet again.

Jacob (looking down at Mike’s pink speedo covered ass): “What the fuck was THAT? Haha.”

Mike: “Sorry, I really have to go so I don’t get into more trouble with my frat.”

Jacob was laughing his ass off as Mike continued home.

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