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Nice, and nice addition of the collar connected to the top of the spreader bar. And just how long did you last in that one, and how did you end up getting out of it? Was it an interrogation or similar type of challenge, or more of just a safe word and you were let out...that kind of thing?

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Chastity sub Bound to Cage Vibrating WandAgain, boy cannot realize how lucky he is. Thanks for sharing
Posted by Bondagebuddy2 06/19/2022 - 16:59
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Lucky, lucky slave

Posted by Bondagebuddy2 06/19/2022 - 16:56
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Have been in that last position. It looks quite simple but is as tough as hell after just a short time. Collar connected to the top of the spreader too, just for extra sport....

Posted by cbr998 06/19/2022 - 14:58
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To please the coach is all that matters. To be in chastity ans edged would be ecstacy.

Posted by footsoldier 06/19/2022 - 12:39
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Story Saturday: Pledging the Frat, Chapter 3

Jason: “I warned you about going too slow pledge. By not obeying, you’re only making it rougher on yourself. Now get these pants off of me.”

Mike: “But you just cuffed my hands behind my back.”

Jason: “Yep, I did. Again, you’ll have to use your mouth.”

Mike: “Come on man, I’m not into that gay shit.“

Jason: "I’m not gay. But you might be before long if you don’t get your act together. Now get my pants off, pledge! Hop to it, and don’t take forever this time or we’ll keep going.”

Mike was trying really hard to avoid getting anywhere near Jason’s dick and balls, but he quickly realized there was absolutely no way he was going to get his pants off unless he started by getting his pants loosened. This meant his mouth would have to get real up close and personal with Jason’s waist, and everything around it. He struggled for a while, but he eventually got his pants loosened. Then, little by little, he was able to get them pulled down and completely off of Jason. Now Mike was left with nothing but his shirt on, and his jock.

Jason: “I’m tired of waiting for you to do simple tasks I’m giving you, pledge.”

Mike took his own shirt off. Jason was still kneeling on the floor. He briefly glanced at Mike’s jock, then looked up at him. Although there were no words coming out of Mike’s mouth, probably because he didn’t want to give Jason any ideas he may not have already had, it was as if he was begging. If there were words, they probably would have been, “Please Jason, PLEASE don’t make me pull your sweaty jock off! Anything but that!”

Jason: "I can tell by the look on your face, pledge, that you know what's coming next."

Mike: "No..."

Jason: "WHAT pledge??"

Mike: "Please no."

Jason: "That's better, but still not good enough. Too little, too late, pledge. Now get this sweaty jock off of me."

Mike hesitated, frozen, not sure what to do.

Jason: "NOW, pledge!"

Mike had no choice. But he thought maybe, just maybe, he could get off just a little easier. He slowly turned around and reached up with his cuffed hands.

Jason: "No, pledge. No hands. Use your mouth and tongue only. And I better not feel your teeth, or you'll give Hell Week a new name!"

Mike very slowly approached Jason's sweaty jock. He could smell the sweat when he was a few feet away, so he could only imagine how much worse it would get when he got up close and very personal with Jason's jock, but he was about to find out. He tried gently grabbing one of the straps with his teeth and pulling, but that didn't work.

Jason: "You'll have to find another approach, pledge."

Mike realized he had no choice but to grab Jason's jock right above his dick, gripping it between his lips, and pull it his nose brushed up against Jason's dick and balls while he pulled the sweaty jock down. He struggled for about 5 minutes, trying to get Jason's jock completely off of him while minimizing how close he had to get to Jason's dick, balls, and sweaty body. But he finally accepted the fact that his only choices were to just do it quickly and let his face rub up against Jason's sweaty body, or take another 10-15 minutes being that close to him trying to avoid it. He felt that both choices sucked pretty badly, but eventually opted to just get it over with. So he buried his nose in Jason's sweaty six pack abs, held on tight to that jock between his lips, and started pulling it down. On the way down, he got a big whiff of Jason's cock and his nose was tickled by the trimmed pubes as it swept past his balls. But he wasn't done yet. He had to keep his nose close against Jason's inner thighs all the way down if he didn't want to lose his grip on that jock. So that's just what he did, alternating from one side to the other as he slowly inched the jock down. Finally, it was off, and Mike let out a sign of relief.

Jason: "You sound relieved, pledge. But you're still not done yet. You dropped my cleats, my socks, and my sweaty jock on the floor. Does that look like a good place for them? Is that how you show respect for a member of this frat?"

Mike: "Sorry."

Mike reached around with his cuffed hands to start picking the items up to place them on the bed, when Jason stopped him.

Jason: "No pledge. They belong in the laundry room. You know, the room on the opposite end of this floor."

Mike: "Um, ok."

Jason: "You're going to take them there, one by one, in your mouth. Start with one of my socks. Pick it up off the floor with your mouth, then crawl to the laundry room and drop it in the dirty clothes hamper. Then crawl back to get the next sock and bring it to the laundry room. Then crawl back and do the same with my sweaty jock."

Mike: "Please don't make me do that Jason..."

Jason: "First off, it's not Jason, it's Sir. Secondly, you'll do it, and you'll do it with a smile on your face. Unless..."

Mike: "No no, sorry Sir. Ok, I'll do it. Can I get dressed first?"

Jason: "Nope. You'll do it naked. You'll make a good example for the other pledges, to show them all what happens when a pledge misbehaves in this frat."

Mike picked up one of the dirty socks off the floor and started crawling to the laundry room. He crawled back in the room about 10 minutes later.

Jason: "What took you so long, pledge?"

Mike: "Sorry, I guess I wasn't moving that fast."

Jason: "I guess not. Grab my other sock in your mouth, and move faster this time."

Mike: "Ok, I'll try to. It's just hard to crawl all the way there and move very fast."

Jason: "Figure out a way, pledge, or I'll have to help you practice by fishing my socks and jock out of the laundry hamper and bringing them back here and back to the laundry a few more times."

Mike: "Sorry Sir."

Mike took the next sock to the laundry, but once again, he was gone just under 10 minutes.

Jason: "A little better, pledge, but I still don't get what's taking you so fucking long. Now take my sweaty jock in your mouth and make it happen faster this time, much faster!"

Mike: "Ok, I'll try harder Sir."

Mike made his last trip to the laundry and put Jason's jock in the hamper, then returned to Jason's room. Just as he was getting there, pledge Dan walked in the room.

Dan: "What's going on? Why is Mike crawling around the house handcuffed with dirty clothes in his mouth? That's not cool man!"

Jason: "Because I told him to, pledge. Who asked for your opinion? If I were you, I'd stop putting your nose in other people's business where it doesn't belong."

Dan: "I just think that's fucked up. To have him crawling around the house handcuffed, wearing nothing but his shorts and with dirty socks and a jock in his mouth, that's crazy man!"

Just as pledge Dan finished his sentence, Mike immediately bowed his head down a bit, avoiding all eye contact with Jason.

Jason: "What did you say he was wearing, pledge?"

Dan: "Nothing but his shorts, but I'm sure you knew that because you probably made him take the rest of his clothes off."

Jason: "Both of you, stay here. I'll be right back."

Jason went to have a quick chat with some of his frat brothers.

Jason: "Did you see pledge Mike crawling around the house just now?"

Brother Josh: "Yeah dude, it was hilarious. He came out of your room in handcuffs suckin on your socks, crawled into his room, then came out a few minutes later and went to the laundry room. Then we saw him crawling back."

Jason: "Did you notice what he was wearing?"

Brother Josh: "Now that you mentioned it, yeah, it was kinda weird that he came out of your room naked, then came out of his room with shorts on. What's up with that?"

Jason: "Thanks, that's all I needed to know."

Jason went back into his room.

Jason: "Pledge, care to explain what was taking you so fucking long to get back here on every trip to the laundry?"

Mike: "I was just crawling slowly. It was hard on my knees Sir."

Jason: "I'm telling you to explain to me why you took so long, and now you're lying to me again pledge? Sounds like another rule violation to me. You stopped in your room on your way to the laundry room, didn't you pledge?"

Mike: "Sorry Sir."

Jason: "I asked you a question, pledge."

Mike: "I just really didn't want the other pledges and frat members to see me naked, Sir."

Jason: "So that's what took you so long. You stopped in your room and struggled to get your shorts on while handcuffed, then did the reverse on the way back before you returned to my room. Disrespecting a frat member by being sneaky, then lying to me, is definitely the WRONG way to handle things, pledge."

Jason looked over at pledge Dan, with an evil grin.

Jason: "And as for you, pledge, so you came in here to protest and try to bail your pledge buddy out?"

Dan: "I just think it's fucked up and he shouldn't have to do all of this."

Pledge Dan, like a loyal pup, was trying to remain on his buddy's side and help him out.

Jason: "Yeah, maybe you're right, pledge. Maybe I should reduce what I was about to make him do."

Dan: "Yes, exactly."

Jason: "...and make you do some of it."

Dan: "What? No, that's not what I meant at all."

Jason: "Pledge Dan, take all of your clothes off except your underwear and socks, now."

Dan hesitated, then realized the predicament he had gotten himself into. He figured having to take his clothes off wasn't as bad as it could be, especially since he got to leave his underwear on. He removed all of his clothes except his underwear and socks.

Jason: "Pledge Mike, since you've had so much practice now, take Dan's socks off one at a time, with your mouth."

Mike had a look of humiliation on his face as he bit the end of Dan's socks one by one and pulled them off, then removed his underwear with his mouth. Jason released Mike from the handcuffs.

Jason: "Now put your head through Dan's underwear and hang it around your neck. Then get on your knees, facing me, and put your hands behind your back."

Mike complied, feeling more and more humiliated every minute.

Jason (reaching into a drawer): "Now, pledge Mike, put one of his socks over this huge dildo, tie one of his sneakers to the base of the dildo with the shoelaces, then suck on the sock covered dildo. That should make it harder to keep in and force you to hold it tight in your mouth and really suck hard to avoid letting it slip out of your mouth. Actually, I think I'd prefer to see Dan's underwear on your head, so put it there instead."

Mike repositioned Dan's underwear.

Jason: "You look ridiculous, pledge. Now it wouldn't be fair for your pledge buddy here to do ALL of the work, since he IS helping you out. So I want only your feet on the floor, crouched down low, but your ass better not touch the floor. Then you're going to put your arms straight out in front of you, hands flat, and hold this book on your palms. Just make sure your arms remain parallel to the floor. I really hate carrying this book to class, it sucks how heavy it is. Now you get to feel my pain, so to speak. Haha. Just be sure to keep suckin hard on that sock covered dildo. Trust me pledge, you don't want that dildo to slip out of your mouth!"

Mike got into position as ordered by Jason, not wanting to make his situation any worse.

Jason: "Pledge Dan, pull your underwear down further until it's covering pledge Mike's face completely."

Dan looked at Mike and with an apologetic look on his face, he did as he was told.

Mike was struggling almost immediately. It felt like there were 5 lbs or more hanging from that dildo, even though it was just one of Dan's sneakers tied to the base of the dildo. His legs were having a tough time remaining in place without letting his ass touch the floor.

Jason: "Now, pledge Dan, you wanted to help your buddy out?"

Dan: "Sorry, I just thought..."

Jason: "I'm actually going to give you what you want. I was going to make pledge Mike here tongue wash my balls. Since you want to help him out so badly by putting your nose in other people's business, now you're going to put your nose in my business."

Dan: "What do you mean?"

Jason: "I mean you're going to clean my balls for me. Get in between my legs, now, and lick em clean."

Dan: "Huh? Are you serious man?"

Jason: "I am serious, and it's not man, it's Sir."

Jason kicked back on the bed with his legs hanging over the edge, as Dan reluctantly kneeled between his legs and got really close to his balls.

Jason: "Get to it, pledge. Your buddy Mike over there will remain in that position until I feel my balls have been thoroughly cleaned by your tongue."

Dan began half-heartedly licking Jason's balls. He hated every minute of it, but knew if he didn't comply it would only get worse.

Mike's legs began shaking occassionally, as he struggled to maintain the predicament that Jason had put him in. While Jason's balls were being washed by Dan's tongue, a "thud" sound was heard. Jason looked over and saw that Mike had let the sneaker-weighted dildo slip out of this mouth.

Jason: "Ohhh, bad move, pledge!"

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